Jasmin Ouschan Takes the Masters

Photo Courtesy Al Leon Via Facebook

Jasmin Ouschan has won the 2015 WPBA Masters at Soaring Eagles.  She defeated Ga Young Kim in two sets  (5-1, 5-3) to claim the championship she last won in 2011. Neither of our finalists reached the podium unscathed. Ga Young was sent to the losers side in her third round of play by Jeanette Lee who bested her 9-8.

Once on the nervous side of the charts she began cutting down her opponents with a 9-7 win over Line Kjorsvik followed by a 9-3 victory over Kelly Fisher. She made it to the semi’s by taking down Monica Webb 9-2.

Jasmin Ouschan also lost her third-round match. She dropped hers to Monica Webb 9-8 and then took down Jennifer Chen 9-6, Ewa Laurance 9-3 and Jeanette Lee 9-2. Waiting for her in the semi’s was undefeated Siming Chen whom Ouschan defeated. We apologize for not having the score on this one. The other semi also found the undefeated player at a disadvantage as Ga-Young took Karen Corr out in two sets, 5-0 and 5-4.

This set up our final between Ouschan and Kim. Kim won this event the last two years in a row and she came to the table confident, but Ouschan shot her full of holes and won convincingly in two sets 5-1 and 5-3.

1st: Jasmin Ouschan

2nd: Ga-Young Kim

3rd-4th: Siming Chen, Karen Corr

5-6th: Monica Webb, Jeanette Lee

7-8th: Kelly Fisher, Ewa Laurance

9-12th: Jennifer Barretta, Line Kjorsvik, Jessica Barnes, Jennifer Chen

13-16th: Melissa Little, Allison Fisher, June Maiers, Eleanor Callado