Jason Kirkwood All Around Winner at Chalkys Cue Stick Café (Michigan)

Jason Kirkwood

Jason Kirkwood was just one of the many players at the most recent Michigan Players Tour season stop in Holland, Michigan.  The tour held its second $1500 guaranteed added season event at Chalkys Cue Stick Café on August 22-24, 2008, with challenge matches and a mini warm up on Friday night and then the main division started up on Saturday through Sunday.  As an added bonus to the AZBilliards.com forum members, the tour offered Ustream video of the semis and final rounds (plus prior day's action).  If you would like to view the finished product, visit www.ustream.tv and search MPT.

Although Kirkwood was a big winner throughout the event, he started out the weekend with a couple of humbling moments.  He and Richie Richeson were the two top players from the area that offered their time to play challenge matches with those in attendance – races to two, $10 entry.  All in total, Kirkwood had to sign two shirts that said he lost to his opponents – fun times were had by all.

After an experience like that, Kirkwood had to put on his game face and redeem himself.  The mini tournament was held Friday evening beginning at 7 p.m.  With a $30 entry, thirty-two players signed up for their chance at the prize fund.  When the chalk cleared, it was none other than humbled Kirkwood that raised the bar and took first place.  Bart Goode followed in second; Tom Decker third; Richie Richeson fourth; Shane Roebuck/Houston Rodriguez fifth-sixth; and last but not least Mark Ozman/Neil Dryfhout seventh/eighth.  The payouts were as follows:

1st Jason Kirkwood $350+$520
2nd Bart Goode $170+$260
3rd Tom Decker $80+$125
4th Richie Richeson $60+$75
5th/6th Shane Roebuck/Houston Rodriguez $40+$50
7th/8th Mark Osman/Neil Dryfhout $30

After such an eventful Friday evening, the weekend seemed to be right on track.  The main event drew a lighter field than anticipated including 17 year old Shane Roebuck, Anthony Sok, Charlie Wilson, Shawn Buckholtz, Jeff Richards, Mark Osman, Houston Rodriguez, Juan Garcia, Bart Goode, Richie Richeson, and Jason Kirkwood.  But with the $1500 guaranteed added and an entry of $100 per person, the payouts were fantastic.  Starting up at approximately 12 pm on Saturday, the field dwindled down to the final two on the winner's side of the board – Kirkwood and Richeson.  The hot-seat was an easy determination from there as Kirkwood ripped through Richeson 9-1 to secure his spot in the finals.

Of course, Richeson  would not let him break away that easily.  He pushed through the semi-final round with Bart Goode winning it by a score of 9-5 and took another shot at Kirkwood.  Although the final match was a true double elimination final, Kirkwood ensured there was no need as he finished up the weekend on top of the first set 9-5.

The tour would like to thank the venue itself and its staff along with the players and spectators for such a great time and for their support.  The next stop will be at the same location September 26-28, 2008, this time with a mini-tournament Friday evening starting at 7 p.m. ($30 entry includes $5 green fees); and then followed by the main event on Saturday at 11 am (player's meeting) (entry $100 includes $10 green fees) – both to be played on American Player 7 foot bar tables.

For additional information about the tour, visit their website at www.freewebs.com/miplayerstour/index.htm  If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or have questions in general, contact them at www.freewebs.com/miplayerstour/contactus.htm

1st Jason Kirkwood $1200+$325
2nd Richie Richeson $800+$175
3rd Bart Goode $350+$65
4th Shawn Buckholtz $140+$30