Jayson Shaw Dominate in 9 ball Division at Thetford Mines

Jayson Shaw shooting while Johnny Archer looks on
The pleasantries of yesterday were a distant memory as the amateur and professional 9 ball tournaments got underway. With $5,000 guaranteed for first in the pro event and a cap at 32 players, many who are world class, today promised to be an exciting day for those in attendance.
Jason "Klatticus" Klatt, one of the Canadian hopefuls, was in tough as he drew Mika "The Iceman" Immonen first round. Klatt was off to a good start maintaining a two game lead until 5-3 when Immonen found the gear he has and gained control of the match, winning 10-6 from there. Klatt went on to win a few more matches edging out Jeremey Sossie in a close match then going on to beat his friend Erik "Big Red" Hjorleison convincingly.
Next up for Klatt was Alain "The Dancing Bear" Martel, another victim of the Iceman earlier in the day. Martel, who just eliminated fellow Quebecois Martel Daigle  8-7, found his form and carried this over into his next match. Klatt and Martel traded racks back and forth until the end when Klatt found a a 2 game lead and won 8-6.
Jason Shaw had spectators and his opponents shaking their heads in disbelief as he put on a shot making clinic today. Shaw, who earned himself a spot in the final which will take place on Monday, had no easy route to get there. He took down Hjorleifson 10-7, then cooled the Iceman 10-2 before doing the same to Johnny Archer in the winner side final. Archer will also continue on Monday as the top 4 will return.
 Mike Dechaine knocked out Immonen in 5th place and was waiting for the winner of Thorsten Hohmann/Klatt to see who he would play in the top 4 on Monday. I was recently told  as I had to leave early to prepare for my own match tomorrow,that Klatt has upset the reigning World 9 ball champion and has earned himself a spot in the final day. More updates to come tomorrow as the 10 ball division will start.