Jayson Shaw Wins Make It Happen 8-Ball

Jayson Shaw (Photo courtesy of Karl Kantrowitz)
Final Standings
Jayson Shaw (Champion)             4-2      $4,000
Shane Van Boening (Runner-Up) 4-2  $4,000
Corey Deuel                                         3-2  $3,000
John Morra                                             2-3  $2,000
Darren Appleton                                     2-3  $2,000
Rodney Morris                                         1-4  $1,000

Nov. 17-20 - Sandcastle Billiards - Edison NJ


Congratulations to Jayson Shaw, The 2016 MIH 8-Ball Champion!



Jayson SHAW 10 - Shane VAN BOENING 4


Jayson Shaw issued a statement that he was ready to avenge his loss in the previous match with a break and run. He then ran out game 2 after Van Boening broke dry.


One of the very best position plays of the week came in game 3 when Shaw drew back 4 feet to a microscopic shape zone for the key ball to the key ball. He completed his second break and run to take a 3-0 lead.


Van Boening came back strong with a break and run, then made three super shots in a row to close out the next game. He now trailed, 3-2.

In game 6 Van Boening pounded the balls on his break, but nothing fell and Shaw ran out, then broke and ran out to extend his lead to 3 games.


They split the next two games. Then, in game 10 Van Boening left the cue ball way to close to the 8-ball, missed, and Shaw cleared off the roadmap layout.


In game 11 it looked like Van Boening had a chance to begin a comeback, but he committed a huge position play blunder, then missed a long shot to a partial pocket and Shaw ran out. He now led, 8-3.


The two traded safeties before Van Boening continued his run of subpar play by missing while attempting to break out a ball using a super hard pound stroke. Shaw missed in game 13 and Van Boening ran out. But in game 14 Van Boening faced a miserable layout after making a ball on the break. He missed a long shot and Shaw ran out to win the match, 10-4, and the title.




Nov. 17-20 - Sandcastle Billiards - Edison NJ



Shane VAN BOENING 10 – Jayson SHAW 7


According to Billy Incardona, Jayson Shaw secured his spot in the finals after he won his second game, at which point this was match was played for pride – and the grand, of course.


In the opener Shaw hooked himself and Van Boening eventually ran out. He also took the second game to lead, 2-0. In game 3 Van Boening missed a long cut shot and Shaw won his first game.


Van Boening came back with a break and run, then ran out again after Shaw broke dry to take a 4-1 lead. Van Boening then scratched on the break and this set off an extended run of great play by both competitors. Shaw started it by taking ball-in-hand and running out. He then broke and ran out to pull to within a game at 4-3.


Van Boening replied with a break and run, and Shaw came back with one of his own. In game 10 Van Boening missed position but made a super long shot and went on to run that rack from the break. Shaw then B&R game 11!


Van Boening failed to squeeze his ball past an obstructer in front of the pocket and Shaw ran out to tie the score at 6-6. He then broke and ran out, but Van Boening answered with one of his own and they were now tied at 7 games apiece.


After Shaw missed, Van Boening made a tough shot and ran out. In the following game Shaw blundered near the end of the rack and Van Boening cleared off an easy layout to reach the hill. Shaw surprisingly hooked himself when a runout looked certain, committed a foul, and Van Boening ran the routine layout to win the match, 10-7. He also claimed the best record in the round robin phase at 4-1, and he won 49 games and lost 40. Shaw finished at 3-2 with a won-lost record of 44 and 31.


The two will now play a single match for the championship.


The Score

VV – S – VV – SS – V – S – V – SSS - VVVV



Nov. 17-20 - Sandcastle Billiards - Edison NJ



Darren APPLETON 10 - Rodney MORRIS 3


Going into this match both players were at 1-3, but the cash, the desire to avoid the cellar, and professional provide can be strong motivators – and apparently they were for Darren Appleton, who played superbly in this contest of Mosconi Cup foes.


Appleton started off with a dry break, but ran out after Morris failed to. In game 2 both players missed long shots, then traded safeties before Appleton got the upper hand. But he missed shape on the 8-ball and had to play a tricky cut into a little more than a half pocket – and he slid it in just past the point to take a 2-0 lead.


In the next rack Appleton completed a break and run by slicing the key ball to the key ball across the table – a ridiculously tough shot that reminded us of what a super shotmaker he is.


Morris made nothing on his break and Appleton ran out, then broke and ran out again. After Morris missed a tricky shot into the side, Appleton ran out to take a commanding lead of 6-0.


Morris finally got on the board after an uncharacteristic display of generosity by Appleton, who missed the 8-ball. After Morris ran out the score was 6-1.


In game 8 Morris broke dry again, but Appleton jawed a shot. Morris played what appeared to be a fine safety, but there was a small window to the 2-ball and Appleton made it and ran out.


Appleton made nothing on his break but Morris missed his first shot and Appleton ran out. Morris broke and ran, Appleton did as well, and Morris returned the favor with his second consecutive break and run.


On the final game, Appleton played an incredible 3-rails around the table cluster break, executed another with a thin cut using inside, then polished of his fourth break and run in 7 tries to win the match, 10-3.


Appleton finished the event with a 2-3 record and a W-L record in games of 38-37. Morris finished at 1-4 with a W-L record of 36-47.


The Score

AAAAAA – M – AA – M – A – M – A



Nov. 17-20 - Sandcastle Billiards - Edison NJ



Corey DEUEL 10 - John MORRA 3


John Morra broke dry in the opening rack and Corey Deuel executed a precision runout, then broke and ran out to jump out to a 2-0 lead.


In game three Morra again failed to make a ball but Deuel hooked himself and missed a kick – butt Morra missed and Deuel stole game 3. A break and run followed, and Deuel won again when Morra played terrible position and missed a bank. Deuel now led 5-0, and he added another W with his third break and run, completing an opening streak of 6 straight games.


Morra then executed a B&R, Deuel followed with his fourth straight, and Morra again broke and ran. In game 10 Deuel committed a huge blunder when he hooked himself while playing shape on his key ball and Morra ran out. At this point Deuel led, 7-3.


In game 11 Morra looked like he was going to run out, but he leaned over the table to play an easy shot, possibly changing his head position and his line of aim – and he missed badly. Deuel ran out. In the next game Morra missed positon and had to play a long shot, which he missed. Deuel ran out, then ran out again after Morra broke dry for the third time - winning the match, 10-3.


Deuel earned a thousand dollars for his superb performance and a place in the upper half of the field with a record of 3-2, and 39 games won against 40 losses. Morra finished at 2-3 with a W-L record of 31-42.


The Score