Jeanette Lee and Johnny Archer Lead USA Teams at World Mixed Doubles

Jeanette Lee

Hangzhou, China-  Johnny Archer and Jeanette Lee will be teaming up for the very first time to go against the world's best man/women teams at the Taobao World Mixed Doubles. The two legendary players will be USA's top bet to secure the title, but will have support from American players in the event Jennifer Barretta ,Hunter Lombardo, Max Eberle, and Shanelle Loraine.  The three USA teams will be up against three teams from China, Philippines, England, and other teams from Asia and Europe. All the players will be joining on November 30th to December 2,2011 at Jiebai Mall in Hangzhou,China. Chamberlain Tables joins, one of the world's top 20 most visited internet sites, as one of the top sponsors of the event. The combination of Taobao, Chamberlain Tables, 9-Club Entertainment, and Dragon Promotions will make this one of the hottest billiards events ever in China!

Jeanette Lee is known as one of the most famous players in the world, and she is still playing well today. The Black Widow, as she is known, just recently finished 3rd at the recent WPBA event in America. And her partner, Johnny Archer, still remains ranked in the top 5 in the USA for over 20 years, many of those years being ranked #1. 

" It is my first time playing with a female partner. I accepted the invitation because I really enjoy playing team events, and I am excited to play as a team with Jeanette", said Archer. Johnny will, coincidentally, be flying straight from China to Las Vegas after the event to play for Team USA again in the Mosconi Cup. It will be his 15th year on the USA Team.

Jennifer Barretta and Hunter Lombardo will also be teaming up for the first time. Both players are ranked in the top 10 in the USA and could be a surprise hit in the event.

I accepted my invite to this event because I've never been to China, and I love playing doubles. I've played mixed doubles as an amateur in smaller events, but not at the pro level. Hunter and I will be a good team because whenever I'm around my partner we always laugh and have a good time. It's so important to be compatible", said Jennifer.

The final USA hopefuls will be the exotic match-up of Shanelle Loraine and Max Eberle.

" It has been a longtime dream of mine to visit China and to play pool here, as well as witness the pool craze in China which I hear is pretty phenomenal.  I was the MC match announcer for the very first Dragon Promotions event ever which was held in Orlando, Florida over 10 years ago... so it is great to see the success that Dragon Promotions has created, and an honor to be playing in DP's first ever event in China!" said Eberle. Max is a former 2 times USA National College Champion and former USA Junior Champion. As a professional, he has a bronze medal at the World Straight Pool Championship.
Shanelle added, "I am absolutely honored to be invited to this world class event.   It has always been a dream of mine to visit China!  There's no way I could turn down this amazing opportunity to compete in Dragon Promotions first event ever in China." Loraine has improved alot over the years as a semi-pro player and finished an impressive 3rd place last time at the World Mixed Doubles with wins over Finland and Japan. "I absolutely admire Max Eberle's game. I have so much respect for him and his many accomplishments throughout his lifelong career of playing.  I have his DVDs and his book called "Zen Pool". I am super excited to have him as my teammate! My experience in playing with the opposite gender has always been so positive.  I know we will have a great time."
No matter the outcome, the USA Teams will be very versatile and fun to watch, and are sure to make a big impact on the tournament.

All players and teams from any country can try tomorrow by being registered and entered by 11am 28/11/11. Contact or call 1-500-005-3160 to register for the event
Tomorrow night it will be decided who gets the coveted spot into the event.
The World Mixed Doubles will have 28 hours of original TV programming. Teams from England, Germany, USA, Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Finland, and the USA will be competing for the World Mixed Doubles championship title.