Jeanette Lee Enters Inaugural Diamond Open Just Seven Months After Cancer Diagnosis

Jeanette Lee has entered the Inaugural Omega’s Diamond Open Tournament to be held this week in Aiken S.C. Lee’s decision to enter the tournament comes just seven months after her diagnosis with Stage Four Ovarian Cancer. It will be the Black Widow’s first public appearance since her diagnosis. Jeanette Lee, “The Black Widow,” finished six rounds of cancer chemotherapy, over five months, this past June. She also had major cancer surgery during that time-period. The relative success of those treatments were assessed as being, “As good as could be expected,“ by Lee’s medical team.

Though Lee has been playing recently, her condition and the effects of the therapy, has obviously, not allowed her to prepare for the tournament as she normally would. Lee decided to enter for more therapeutic reasons than professional ones. “Playing and competing in tournaments is what I love to do,” explains Lee. “I wanted to feel that feeling, again and connect personally with my fans, again. They have been so overwhelmingly supportive, I want to be out there among them.” Lee continued, “The cancer and the chemo has affected my stamina and preparation so I have no idea at what level I can perform. However, I guarantee that I will compete with everything I have.”

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