Jeanette Lee Parked

TULSA, OK - In an crowd-pleasing match between famed "Black Widow" Jeanette Lee, and newcomer Erica Park of Korea (the only non-seeded player to crack the top eight in this event) neither player took more than a one game lead throughout the match. At 5-5, Erica pulled ahead first to the hill, but Jeanette Lee fought back to another tie at 6-6 in the race to 7. Jeanette broke but failed to pocket a ball on the break. A safety battle ensued with Lee getting the first shot at the one ball. She pocketed the one and played safe on the two, launching another safety battle. Again, Jeanette made the two, only to miss a make-able three ball. Erica played a perfect remainder of the rack to win 7-6 and earn  her place in tomorrow's first semi final! Next up, it's Hall of Famer Allison Fisher vs. #6 ranked Kelly Fisher.
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