Jeannie Seaver Takes Tiger Florida Tour Kick-Off At Brewlands

Stephanie Mitchell, Jeannie Seaver and Sonya Chbeeb

Thirty-six players kicked off the 2021 season of the Tiger Florida Tour women’s 9-Ball event at Brewlands Bar & Billiards South in Lakeland, Florida. Tour Stop #1 drew several new and seasoned players of all skill levels. At the end, Tour Champion Jeannie Seaver went undefeated to win Tour Stop #1!

The women played a modified double-elimination format with four from the one-loss side drawing back into the final four from the winners’ side, onto a single-elimination Final Board, race to seven. Seaver, Stephanie Mitchell, Nicolle Cuellar and Sonya Chbeeb made the Final Board from the winners side. Jeri Bouvette, Dawn Logan, Debbie Hakey and 12-year old Sofia Mast fought back from the one-loss side to make the Final Board.

Seaver played 7-4 matches against newcomer Dawn Ward, veteran Jessica Human and newcomer Debbie Hakey to get to the Final Board. Once there, Seaver matched up against Hakey a second time ending the day for Hakey. Cuellar rolled past Vanessa Seaver, Dawn Logan and Sofa Mast, playing Logan again in the Final Board, sending Logan home this time. Mitchell breezed past newcomer Deanna Laney, Gianna Fiore, newcomer Kim Austin and Lisa Perez. Mitchell sent Bouvette home in the first round on the Final Board. Chbeeb sent Christina Moxley, Michelle Mize, Jeri Bouvette to the one-loss side and then Sofia Mast home in the quarter-finals. Chbeeb got past Mitchell in the Semi-Finals, and after Seaver sent Cuellar home, Seaver played Chbeeb in the Finals with Seaver taking the win.

With all the great play, Sofia Mast stole the show, the youngest TFT member making it to the Final Board and in the money – at 12-years of age. Watch out for this one!

Thanks to all 36 players who came out to the season opener event! A huge thanks to room owner Larry Walthall for hosting our event again this year and his continued support of the TFT! Thanks to Randi Allen, Director of Marketing & Events and staff for helping with the arrangements and making sure our event went off smoothly. Also, thanks to our title sponsor Tony Kalamdaryan and Tiger Products for their continued support of the Tour and players. Thanks also to returning sponsors Boynton Billiards, Great Lakes Billiards, AZ Billiards and Simonis Cloth for their continued support, and to our new sponsors, Stitch It to Me and Brutal Game Gear. Some of the matches can been seen on the Tiger Florida Tour Facebook page.

Tour Stop #2 is March 6, 2020 at Stix Billiards in Oldsmar!  See you there!

The Tiger Florida Tour is a NAPT/WPBA-recognized Women’s Regional Tour. Visit for more information.