Jeannie Seaver Two for Two

Stuart, Fla. (Oct. 9, 2011) – What started out to be a miserable day had a happy ending as Jeannie Seaver won the Flamingo Billiards Tour 3rd annual "Cues for the Cure" event at Amy's Billiards in Stuart, Florida.  Seaver almost didn't make it to the event. Both she and sister, Vanessa Seaver, ended up in a car accident as the weather and road conditions became unmanageable.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, at least not enough to stop either Seaver from making it to the event, making it to the money, and winning the tournament that ended after midnight.  

Seaver had a tough first match, but despite the mishap on the way to the event she managed to pull off a tough hill-hill win against room owner, Amy Poulter.  After that it was smooth sailing with a 7-2 win over Kelly Cavanaugh and 7-2 over Marina Souza to make it to the single elimination redraw.  There Seaver knocked out top player Helene Caukin 7-4, and sister Vanessa 7-3, to make it to the final match.

Also making it to the redraw from the winner's side was Robin Boggs and Chris Ann Fields.  Boggs won over Christie Cloke 7-3, Vanessa Seaver 7-2, and newcomer Carmen Henriquez 7-6, but lost in the redraw to Cassidy Mulligan 7-2.  Fields made it to the redraw with wins over Tour Director Mimi McAndrews 7-4, newcomer Alicia DeAbreu 7-4, and Cassidy Mulligan 7-3.  However, the day ended with a loss to Vanessa Seaver 7-4 in the redraw.  Also making it to the redraw from the winner's side, Jennifer Page easily shot past Pam Patterson, 7-1, Kelly Coyle, 7-2, and newcomer Kim Richeson, 7-2.  To get to the finals, Page sent two players home, Lauren Pickard 7-4, and Cassidy Mulligan, 7-4.

The final match between Page and Seaver went back and forth all the way to the hill for both.  Just when it looked like Seaver would run out and take the win, with two balls to go she left herself with a tough shot to get shape on the nine.  She gave it her all but missed, leaving a tricky but makeable cut shot in the side pocket for Page.  And just when it looked like it was over for Seaver, a little too much inside English left everyone aghast as Page failed to make the cut in the side.  In fact, Page missed the ball entirely giving ball-in-hand to Seaver who easily ran out the last two balls and won $400 and the event.   

A huge thanks again to room owner Amy Poulter ( for being a great host and supporter of the Flamingo Billiards Tour and "Cures for the Cure," and to Boynton Billiards ( for supporting the Flamingo Billiards Tour.  Some of the matches can be viewed at