Jeannie Seaver Wins Big at Orlando Flamingo Billiards Tour Stop

Jeannie Seaver and Michell Monk

Orlando (Nov. 21, 2009) -- By all accounts, Jeannie Seaver is about the most mild-mannered  person you'll ever meet.  But the next time she gets mad, you'd be advised to grab a seat in the front row.  It was a missed ball-in-hand shot that had Jeannie steaming mad at herself, and it led to her dominating 7-0 victory over Michell Monk at the November Flamingo Billiards Tour stop in Orlando.   

Both Jeannie and Michell came out of the loser's side to make the Final 8 in the modified double-elimination format.  Michell, fresh off her impressive Top 16 finish at the WPBA Nationals, defeated new Flamingo Billiards Tour members Sandy Hamor (7-4) and Rachel Delaney (7-2), but came up short against Stephanie Mitchell's strong play(7-5).

Jeannie's day started with a loss to Mary Kenniston (7-3), another new tour member, and one who brings a long resume.  Mary was an early WPBA pro and board member, and owns more than 20 major titles including world and national championships.  After being sent to the left side, Jeannie defeated Niki Rasmussen (7-5) and Janis Sessions (7-0).

Following the redraw, Mary re-matched with Jeannie, but this time Jeannie prevailed (7-1).  On the other tables, Stephanie Mitchell defeated Sandy Hamor (7-4) and Sabra MacArthur-Beahn defeated impressive newcomer Kelly Cavanaugh (7-4).

The quarter-finals also featured a match-up of #1 vs. #2 in the current FBT point standings, with Michell Monk defeating Helene Caukin (7-3) and clinching the title of 2009 Flamingo Billiards Tour Champion.

In the semi's, Michell defeated Sabra (7-1) while Jeannie struggled to fight her way back from a 6-3 deficit against Stephanie Mitchell, eventually taking the set to double hill.  It was in the final game that Jeannie found herself with a gift -- ball-in-hand with an easy three ball out -- but then she inexplicably missed a chip-shot 7-ball.  Thanks to a nasty leave, Jeannie got back to the table and

took the match, but it was a frustrating loss for the BAAT Lady ( and not a victory to be savored for Jeannie.  "After that ball-in-hand, I got really mad at myself," Jeannie said later.

In the first game of the finals, Jeannie took out her frustrations on the break by jumping the cue off the table.  But she quickly settled into near dead stroke with beautiful position play and precision shots. Michell had chances in the second and seventh games but came up short on the 8-ball each time.  Jeannie's long run outs and total control  led to a quick 7-0 victory and her first Flamingo Billiards Tour win.

The victory also moved Jeannie into the #2 spot in the point standings, ensuring her a bid to the WPBA Regional Tour Championship.

Jeannie took home 1st Place money, a trophy and a Sniper jump/break cue from tour sponsor Concept Cues (  Special thanks to Flamingo Billiards Tour sponsors Boynton Billiards ( and Tweeten Fibre (, and to Tesh Patel at Corner Pocket Billiards in Orlando ( for his great hospitality and support.

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