Jeff Adams and Tina Meraglio win at Bill & Billies on the Tiger 8 Ball Tour

Jeff Adams

Newcomer Jeff Adams snuck in a win this past weekend at Bill & Billies, Arnold, MD in the Tiger Tour's Amateur 8-Ball event. Coming through the one-loss side, Adams, who fell at the hands of James Taylor in the second round on Saturday, played nearly perfect pool to defeat the likes of Sueyen Rhee, Jimmy Tyson and Jeff Sanders, before sending Brett Stottlemyer home in 8th place on Sunday. Adams' next victims were Emory Kerin and Tai Bui, and he then faced Dentz in the semis. He disposed of Dentz with the same ease as that of his earlier victories.

Tiger Tour director Nick Prinsloo was well on his way to his first ever win on the tour, going undefeated both days until he ran into Adams. Prinsloo found himself in the hot seat after a tough match against Trevor Dentz in the winner's bracket finals. He scored a convincing win over Tai Bui the match before, after escaping defeat against Wayne Bean on Saturday. But Adams snuffed those hopes by playing more top-class pool in the final and dealing a 7-3 blow in the process. Trevor Dentz and Tai Bui filled out 3rd and 4th places respectively.

In the women's event, it was Tina Meraglio who dominated a small field. Beating Kathleen Lawless 4-1 and Marcie Hanifee 4-3, she took the hot seat. Lawless disposed of Judie Wilson before losing to Hanifee who was adamant to have another shot at Meraglio. Hanifee brought some more fierceness to the final and led 4-3 before Meraglio evened the scores for a hill-hill match. Hanifee missed an 8-ball to leave Meraglio an easy three-ball run and the victory. Lawless took third.