Jeff White Wins 30K Tour Stop

Jeff White and Bill Caukwell

A good group of 31 players ventured out in the rain to partake in the 26th stop of the Canadian 30k Tour held at Tee's and Cue's in Oshawa, Ontario.

Jeff White 9 set the pace and decimated his opponents on his way to going undefeated and claiming the “Hot Seat”. He routed Marvin Catindig 5 by a score of 9-1 setting up the fight for the “Hot Seat” with Paul Tytler 7 who had overwhelmed Libby 4+, 8-0 in the previous match.

Jeff White 9 took control of the match and beat Paul Tytler 7, 9-5 On the one loss side young up comer McEarl Bucais 5+ torched up the chart racing through players like water over Niagara Falls. Defeating Jaypee Castillo 5+, Marc Bucais 6, Tony Butera 5. Marvin Catindig 5 finished 5/6th after getting trounced 6-0 by McEarl.

McEarl then made quick work of Scott Soroko 6 6-4. Scott had defeated Henry Olay 5, 6-2. Henry Finished 5/6th and Scott Soroko finished 4th.

But McEarl 5+ was not done as he bested Paul Tytler 7, 6-3 and sends him packing in 3rd place.

The wrath of McEarl 5+ extended into the finals as he took an early lead which proved too much for Jeff White 9 McEarl Bucais wins the first match by a score of 6-0.

Maybe Jeff White was seated too long in the first match and after giving McEarl the last game in the first set He gets reloaded to the max and ensues a devastating opening of the match by posting five games straight and every time McEarl made a mistake there will be no errors in Jeff part taking the game every time from there on.

But in the end extraordinary skill and experience was more than a match for the young McEarl Bucais as Jeff White picks his young opponent apart and victors over him 10-2 on a 10-6 race. This follows Jeff White recent second place finish at the Limestone Open in Kingston. Nicely done Jeff, I guess the “Great White” Shark still there.

McEarl Bucais finished 2nd, and Congratulations to Jeff White taking 1st place on the 26th stop of the Canadian 30k Tour at Tee's and Cue's in Oshawa.

Many thanks to Bill Caukwell and staff at Tee's and Cue's for the great service and hosting…