Jentsch & Lovely are the New World Junior 10 Ball Champions

Jacksonville, Florida- Liz Lovely and Dominic Jentsch became the two new World Junior Champions at the 2nd Annual Dragon Promotions World Junior 10-Ball Championships presented by Lucasi Hybrid Cues. Simonis Cloth, Diamond Tables, and Ozone Billiards were also top event sponsors. Official equipment used were Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Delta-13 Rack, and Master Chalk. The event took place during the Lucasi Hybrid Classic and Ozone Billiard US Amateur Open at Bankshot Billiards on Aug 2-3,2008.

Twenty seven juniors came from around the world including Vietnam,Germany, and all over the United States. Last year Hayato Hijikata of Japan and Yu Ram Cha of Korea won the respective Boys & Girls Divisions. Hijikata went on to win two Japan pro events and develop a top 10 pro ranking while Cha has since placed well in pro women's events including a 3rd place finish last week at the WPBA US Open. This year new countries and new names were crowned.

The top five seeds in the event were Austin Murphy (CA) at #1, Dominic Jentsch (GER) at #2, Landon Shuffett (KY) at #3, Nick Tafoya (NM) at #4, and Billy Thorpe(OH) at #5. Both female entrants Brianna Miller and Liz Lovely were also put in the draw with the boys.

Liz Lovely (OH) did not have much luck with the boys, but 14 & Under USA Junior Champ Brianna Miller (PA) had a nice showing with three straight wins on the loser's side over Landon Cason(OH) 7-1, Louis Riviera (FL) 7-6, and Asher Le (VIE) 7-1.

#1 and #2 seed Murphy and Jentsch ran into little opposition as they reached the quarter finals while Shuffett suffered defeat at the hands of Tafoya. Billy Thorpe also reached the quarters with his win over Super Billiards Expo Junior Champ Adam Tanner(NY).

The quarters had Thorpe eliminate Miller 8-1, Tafoya eliminated Adam Behnke (IA) 8-4, and Jentsch eliminated Anthony Meglino 8-3. In the battle of the USA 19 & Under and 14 & Under Junior Champs, Murphy avenged himself over Shuffett 8-6. Shuffett had defeated Murphy earlier in the pro 14.1 event in the Lucasi Hybrid Classic.

Murphy than defeated Thorpe while Jentsch dispatched Tafoya . This forced Thorpe and Tafoya to play for the Bronze medal match where Tafoya took the win to finish 3rd.

The Girls Division had 2006 USA Junior Champ versus 2008 Junior champ as 16 year old Liz Lovely faced 12 year old Brianna Miller. Lovely had also won the 2007 US Amateur Open 9-Ball Women's event, and the experience showed as she dominated the younger Miler 8-2 for the win. Both girls used the Lucasi Hybrid cue in the match. Liz had purchased one during the event and it paid off as she won an extra $1000 bonus from Lucasi Hybrid for using it in the finals.

The Boys Finals pitted 15 year old USA Champ Murphy against 3x German Champ Jentsch, 16 years old. Dominic had been untested so far in the event and was a heavy favorite. He took the early 2-0 lead but the tenacious Murphy came back and eventually got to the hill first at 8-6. Nerves were showing as Murphy missed a 7-ball and later a safety attempt. At 8-8, both players had a chance, but it was a long tough miss by Murphy on the 7ball that gave Jentsch the victory and world title.

Both Jentsch and Lovely received $1000 cash, a $500 cue, and free entry and invite to next years Lucasi Hybrid Classic pro events.

"Dragon Promotions has a very strong belief that we must all invest into the future of juniors in our sport. There are so few avenues for them to perfrom, and that's why we make this event happen." says Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions. She adds, "Charlie (Williams) also was once a junior player and so he has a very soft spot for them."

In this downturn time in the pool industry, Dragon Promotions would like to extend a very great thanks on behalf of the juniors, parents, and fans to the sponsors of the event including Jim Lucas & Mike Baggett of Cue & Case, Philippe Singer of The Predator Group, Shawn Gargano of Ozone Billiards, Greg Sullivan of Diamond Billiard Products, Ivan Lee of Simonis Cloth, Mike Feiman of, Eric Weber of Cuestix International, Tony Crosby of Sniper Cues, Thorsten Hohmann & Dan Laski, Nick Varner of Nick Varner Cues & Cases, Dan Dennis of Gambler Clothing Wear, and Laura Smith of the BEF.

"We go through all the work and dedication to create this event for the kids because it's our duty to the sport. The youth is our lifeline to the future." stated Charlie Williams, Touring Professional and Co-Owner of DP. Williams was also the 1991 USA Junior National Champion.

Each year local poolrooms in Florida show their generosity for the juniors and the junior charities. These important individuals never hesitate to help for the future, so special thanks to Rocky McElroy of Capones Billiards, Dan & Nora Lavoie of Hammerheads, LJ Granger of Island Breakers, James Oswald of Diamond Billiards Cape Coral, Jeff & Joan Scott of Bankshot Billiards, and Jose Del Rio of Strokers & Strokers Tampa

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