Jentsch wins Swiss Open

Dominic Jentsch, Event Organizer Marcel Frattini and Ronald Regli before the finals

Although better known for it's tennis tournaments, the town of Gstaad in Switzerland was all about pool for three days this week when some of the top European pool players came to fight for over 25,000 Euros in prize money.

At event's end, it was eighteen year old German Dominic Jentsch who earned the first prize. Surprisingly, Jentsch did not have to contend with either of the early event favorites, Ralf Souqet and Niels Feijen, as both were eliminated in the round of sixteen.

Jentsch's opponent in the finals, was the final Swiss hopeful Ronald Regli, who had a great tournament but was no match for Jentsch in the finals. Jentsch dominated the match with a 9-3 win.

Although the final match lacked any real tension, the crowd was treated to two very close semifinal matches. Marco Tschudi (Switzerland) led his fellow countryman Regli 7-3 before Regli made a great comeback to win the match 9-7. The other semifinal match between Jentsch and World Team Champ Imran Majid (United Kingdom) went to hill-hill before a costly mistake by Majid opened the door for Jentsch to score the victory.

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Last 16:

Ronald Regli (Switzerland) – Niels Feijen 9:3
Marco Tschudi (Switzerland) – Ralf Souquet 9:6


Dominic Jentsch (Germany) – Harald Stolka (Germany) 9:8
Ronald Regli (Switzerland) – Sascha Specchia (Switzerland) 9:7
Roman Hybler (Czech Republic) –Marco Tschudi (Switzerland) 8:9
Imran Majid (United Kingdom) – Dimitri Jungo (Switzerland) 9:5


Dominic Jentsch (Germany) – Imran Majid (United Kingdom) 9:8
Ronald Regli (Switzerland) – Marco Tschudi (Switzerland) 9:7


Dominic Jentsch (Germany) – Ronald Regli (Switzerland) 9:3