Jeremy Jones wins Men’s Championship

Jeremy Jones (Photo courtesy of Ashi Fachler -

Jeremy Jones is the Open Men's Champion.

Jones faced Ronnie Wiseman in the finals on Thursday evening in front of the cameras of ESPN.

Early in the match, Wiseman looked to be dealing with the pressure of the TV lights better as he was playing a flawless game that looked easy. Wiseman took an early 2-1 lead, but missed a 2-ball in game four and things started to come unraveled.

As the match made it's way into the later racks, both players struggled with their ballmaking, but it was Wiseman that struggled the most. At one time, Wiseman failed to get out with ball in hand on the 8-ball.

As Jones broke the eleventh rack with a 6-4 lead, the fans in attendance had yet to see a break and run from either player. Jones quickly put that to rest as he made his way through the rack for his seventh game and the tournament win.

Jones earned $15,000 for first place, while Wiseman settled for $9000.

The ladies finals between Ga-Young Kim and Xiao-Ting Pan is scheduled for later this evening.