Jim McDermott in Hall of Fame

For his outstanding contributions to the cuemaking art and industry, Jim McDermott has been elected into the International Cuemakers Hall of Fame.
Jim started repairing cues in the mid 1960's around the Milwaukee area and started working for another cuemaker in 1966. After working there for several years and perfecting his cuemaking skills, he went out on his own and started the McDermott Cue Manufacturing company in 1975 in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. McDermott rapidly became one of the best known brands of cues. They were the first higher production cue manufacturer to almost exclusively use the 3/8-10 wood to wood joint. Although he was not the first to use that joint pin, it became so familiar to the public, that many still refer to the 3/8-10 pin as the “McDermott style” joint. They moved into their state of the art facilities in 1988 and were among the first to make the transition to CNC turning centers, 4-axis rotational milling capabilities, and automated electro-static UV urethane finish. Jim introduced many lines of cues through the years. One of the most popular was the D-Line from the mid 80's. Many of these have already become sought after by collectors. Jim was always there to help grow the sport. These efforts included sponsoring players, developing the McDermott National 9-ball Tour, and even supplying McDermott cues for the movie “The Color of Money” released in 1986. Jim retired from cuemaking in the mid 90's, but McDermott continues to be one of the top brands of cues worldwide and still uses many of the same methods Jim used in the 60's.
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