Joanne Ashton Takes Top Honors at Harold Danielson Memorial Ladies 9-Ball Event

Joanne Ashton and Paul Potier
Joanne Ashton Takes Top Honors at Harold Danielson Memorial Ladies 9-Ball Event

The Harold Danielson Memorial Ladies 9-Ball tournament went off without a hitch this last weekend, September 22nd and 23rd. Unfortunately, we only had sixteen entries but it was a strong field nonetheless. The Ashton twins (Joanne and Bev) from Calgary showed up with some friends. Cathy Metzinger from Calgary was there as well. Linda Carter traveled north from Seattle and Kyoko Sone drove up from Vancouver, BC. Former Canadian 9 Ball and Snooker Champion Maryanne McConnel and Andrea Wilson, both from Vancouver Island, arrived prepared to compete.

It is interesting to note that three of these women are each having a great year in 2007, Kyoko Sone, Linda Carter and Joanne Ashton. Kyoko Sone came to Canada from Japan to try and qualify for the 2008 WPBA Tour. To qualify, she needs to attain the #1 ranking on the NWPA Regional Tour at season end. In total, there will be six events on the 2007 NWPA Tour. Kyoko has already won four of the five stops, without losing even one match and is now guaranteed to finish the season in first position. She will compete on the WPBA Tour in 2008, congratulations Kyoko Sone!

Linda Carter has finished second to Kyoko in the last three NWPA events. She would be leading the 2007 NWPA tour if not for Kyoko. Great shooting Linda!!

Joanne Ashton finished in #1 position on the 2006 NWPA tour and has been competing on the 2007 WPBA tour. Recently, Joanne won the 2007 Canadian 9 Ball Championships and then beat Kyoko in the finals to win the Harold Danielson Memorial Ladies 9 Ball event. Congratulations Joanne Ashton on all your accomplishments in the last 12 months. Joanne was a good friend of Harold's.

Needless to say after reading all of the women's accomplishments above, this event brought out a fabulous pool of talent and it made the weekend very competitive and fun for all involved.

As a nice bonus to the weekend, Breakers Billiards added another $500 for a men's eight ball event to be played on the eight foot tables while the women's event took place. There were twenty-five entries for this event. Nick Kruger took top honors with Paul Potier trailing shortly behind him in second place.

I would like to thank my sponsors, Rick Rogers, Bob Gray, McDermott Cues and Breakers Billiards for making this all possible. I would also like to thank all the people who helped me with the tournament and the staff at Breakers Billiards for doing a great job.

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