Johann ‘Bad Koi’ Chua Joins the Cuetec Team

Cuetec is excited to announce that Johann ‘Bad Koi’ Chua has joined the Cuetec Team of Professional Players and Brand Ambassadors.

Hailing from the talent-rich Philippines, Chua boasts an impressive resume, claiming titles in events like the 2022 South East Asian (SEA) Games, the 2015 and 2017 All-Japan Championship, and capturing Manny Pacquiao’s 10 Ball Championship in both 2010 and 2020.

“Cuetec is making amazing cues, they always take the needs of their players, customers, and fans into consideration,” says Chua. “When we sat down to discuss the opportunity of working together, I knew right away that this was the place for me.” 

Chua will be representing Cuetec on the table with a new second-generation Cynergy Truewood Series cue paired with the globally acclaimed Cynergy 12.5 shaft. “I actually tried the Cynergy product a couple of years ago and felt something special the moment I hit a ball,” says Chua of his gear. “About a month ago, when I was officially able to spend time with the Cuetec equipment, I knew that the feelings I had back then were correct. With my new equipment I’m feeling very confident. I have more trust in my cues now.”

“We are tremendously excited to add Johann to our team!” says Cuetec president, Jones Chang. “Integrating him into our team was easy, he’s full of energy and is very positive. Johann is a tremendous talent, and we cannot wait to see all that he can accomplish on the world stage representing Cuetec.” 

In signing with Cuetec, Chua joins a growing roster of professional players and brand ambassadors. “It is a great honor and privilege to join Cuetec,” Chua says of his new team. “Playing alongside the very best players in the world, Shane Van Boening, Fedor Gorst, Skyler Woodward, it’s a tremendous honor. They clearly value their players and I feel like only the best of the best are involved. 

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