John Schmidt Rolls Over The Pechauer Open

John Schmidt (File photo courtesy of Medium Pool)

It was that time of year again for Pockets in Dothan, Al. Tommy Kennedy and the Pechauer Tour brought a field of a little over 30 players on the 21st & 22nd of February. John Schmidt, Tommy Kennedy, Stoney Stone, Scotty Townsend, Josh Hillard and Matt Bulfin just to name a few.
As the brackets drew out it was Scotty and Schmidt in the top portion with Stoney, Kennedy, Hillard and Bulfin all in the bottom. The way Scotty has been playing and John in pure punch it was inevitable. They faced each other after only a few matches and John was more than prepared.
Playing flawless and giving Scotty no real opportunity at the table. John cruised to a 7-0 victory and waited for his next opponent, T.F. Whittington.
On the other half it would be a long road for any player looking to meet up with T.F. or John. It saw Kennedy defeating Hillard by a score of 7-5 and Bulfin passing by Stoney Stone at an unknown score. This left Bulfin and Kennedy, John and T.F. fighting out the winners side
Speeding through some matches and moving in on day two, It saw an extended race to 9 for both sides with everyone in the money. First matches of the day for the losers side saw Scotty defeat Kevin Duffy 9-3 and Stoney steam roll Hillard 9-2. Winners side featured Schmidt passing by T.F. and Bulfin handing Tommy his first loss 9-8 after being down 8-6.

Matt Bulfin who appeared to be in high gear attempted to take Schmidt down for the hot seat. Just as it looked like he might do it, John came through with a break and run to take down the set 9-7. Matt now in the losers side would have a long wait for his next opponent and a chance to get back at Schmidt. But could he stay in stroke during his wait would be the question.

The losers side began the next round of matches. With an unknown score, T.F. would fall to Stoney while Scotty knocked off Tommy Kennedy 9-2, leaving a very talented final four players. It was unclear who would end up challenging Schmidt in the final race to 11. Only time would tell.
The next match featured a great sight for all watching. Stoney Stone and Scotty Townsend. This match would turn out similar to the hot seat match. A grinder with Scotty breaking 8-7. Unfortunately for Stoney, Scotty would break perfect and complete the out to give Stoney a 4th place finish.
Matt now finally with a chance to come off of the bench and play again would have to deal with Scotty, a man on a mission. But had his gear been iced from the long wait. I think not as he played very well and took down the set by a score of 9-6 after a great break but an unlucky scratch on Scotty's part.
The long awaited final match to 11 had arrived. Matt Bulfin and John "Mr. 400" Schmidt. Who would it be? Could Matt pull of another great match, or would Schmidt show why he's a former US Open winner.
It started out looking like it might be a close one, But Schmidt was in no mood for a second place finish. John would go on to play some flawless pool, Giving Matt very little opportunity and earning the win by a score of 11-6.
Congratulations to John for the win and Matt for the excellent play over the weekend.