Joy Billiards Announces 5th World Chinese 8-Ball Masters

The Dream Team
Joy Billiards Group is proud to announce the 5th Annual World Chinese 8-Ball Masters, to take place in Qinhuangdao City, China in January of 2017. 
This event will feature 300,000 Chinese Yuan ($45,000) in guaranteed first place prize money, and a total purse of roughly $120,000. 
Participation in this event is earned through one of three ways. A series of five qualifiers has already begun in China, with points awarded to each finisher (along with prize money for each individual event). Top points earners from this qualifying events will earn entry into the final event in January. 
Players outside of China can earn entry into the Masters at one of the qualifiers held outside of China. Qualifiers are already scheduled in South Africa, Argentina, Morocco, Canada and USA, with events being scheduled in the England, France, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil and East Africa. 
Players can also earn entry in the Masters with an invitation from Joy Billiards Group.
Joy Billiards Group has formed their “Dream Team” of Chinese 8-Ball, consisting of Stephen Hendry, Gareth Potts, Shi Hanqing, Wang Peng, Liu Chuang and Zhang KunPeng. In addition to these players, Joy Billiards Group has a cooperative relationship with Ronnie O’Sullivan and Xiao Ting Pan, who are expected to play in the January event.
Joy Billiards Group is made up of the Joy Billiard Table Factory, Joy Billiards Promotion Co. , IPOOL Projection System and the Youze Billing System. 
The 4th Annual World Chinese 8-Ball Masters, won by Yang Fan, was broadcast live for four days on CCTV5 in China with a total audience of over 1.5 million households. 
IPOOL Projection is a new technology featuring light sensor tracking that can read the position and movement of balls and the cue stick on a properly equipped standard pool table. This technology is already being used for billiard training, as well as interactive online gaming.  The technology makes it possible for players to enjoy numerous unique games combining pool & billiards with interactive images displayed on the table.