Joy Billiards Takes Chinese 8-Ball To Vegas and Osaka

Shane Van Boening
For most American pool fans, Joy Billiards appearance at the BCAPL Nationals in July of 2016 was the first chance to experience Chinese 8-Ball up close and personal. Later in the year, Joy Billiards expanded their exposure in the US with their signing of Shane Van Boening to an exclusive agreement to play Chinese 8-Ball on Joy tables. 
Joy Billiards will be back in Vegas again in July this year, and will make one of their Chinese 8-Ball tables available all week long, for players to challenge their friends. Joy will also be awarding players with up to $500 in prize money each day. Players can check out the Joy Billiards booth for more details on these giveaways. 
Joy Billiards will also be making an appearance in Osaka Japan this November when the International Chinese Eight Ball Association (ICEA) and JPBA host the Joy Cup Chinese 8-ball Japan Open. The event will be conveniently held after the All Japan Championship to allow players to compete in both events. With the Grand Final of The Joy Cup World Chinese 8-ball Masters no longer issuing invites to players, the event in Osaka will be one of the only ways for players to qualify for the Grand Final. The top eight finishers in the Japan Open will receive spots in the Grand Final. 
Players who do qualify for the Grand Final will be playing for a $150,000 grand prize, and will receive all food, lodging and travel paid for by Joy Billiards. Players will also be taken on excursions to view the Great Wall, as well as other places of interest in Qinhuangdao China.