Jui-Lung Chen wins his second NCS Qualifier at Casper’s Billiards in San Leon, Texas

Kathy and Roy Robinson with Jui-Lung Chen

Casper's Billiards, located in the laidback windswept Gulf Coast community of San Leon, Texas, has become the hotbed for pool activity in the Greater Houston area.  In January, Casper's hosted the NCS 8-Ball qualifier;  this month, it was the NCS 9-Ball qualifier.  And during this period, Jui-Lung Chen has established himself as the hottest player in the area, by winning both championships.  

Chen, Lanny Herrin, and Ernesto Bayau, who finished 1-2-3 in last month's NCS 8-Ball tournament, returned to play in this month's NCS 9-Ball event.  Other pre-tournament favorites included:  Andy Jethwa, Barry Stickland, Manuel Ayala, David Parker, and Dennis Strickland.  Three top women players also competed:  Kim White, Deanna Henson, and Courtney Peters.

The final four players to emerge were Jui-Lung Chen and Dennis Strickland on the winners side, and Manuel Ayala and Andy Jethwa on the one-loss side.  Chen then dealt Strickland his first loss, 9 to 4, and Ayala eliminated Jethwa from the tournament, 7 to 4. Strickland then earned a rematch against Chen, by defeating Ayala, 7 to 5.  

In the championship set, Chen defeated Strickland, 9 to 6.  

Casper's Billiards is owned and operated by Roy and Kathy Robinson.  Champion Promotions' Charlie and Heather Bryant promoted and directed this event.