June Gold Giveaway is Books and Bullseye Billiards

The AZBilliards Gold Giveaway for June brings back a recent favorite prize and adds three books to the pot to let you read about the game and practice your position play and elevate your game to where someday they may write a book about you!

The Bullseye Billiards Game is the modern equivalent of the Target Pool game that is now a collectors item and was so popular when it came out over 20 years ago. We have given this away once this year and the response was fantastic so we are doing it again.

The Three books are “Do It For The Game” by Bob Campbell, "More Pool Wars" by Jay Helfert, and "Road Player" by Jerry Forsyth.

“Do It For the Game” is described as is a very entertaining work of fiction. Meet the regulars at The Cue, an old time neighborhood pool hall. Join Weasel, Snake, Zig Zag, Al and the other colorful characters as they try to out hustle each other. Tag along to the tournaments and sweat the money games. Come into The Cue, have a cold beer, watch some football and play a game of pool. Tired of reading instructional books that make your head hurt? This will be a refreshing break, while still helping you to get your daily dose of billiards! Brian Dwyer was living the good life with a beautiful family, a big house in the suburbs and a nice corporate job. Then, one by one, he lost everything. When he returns to his hometown to bury his father, he visits the pool hall and discovers some long forgotten lessons. .

“More Pool Wars” is an expansion off of Jay’s last work: "Pool Wars". Plus, Jay has requested that we forward the name and address of each winner so he can personally autograph each winner’s book. As some of his reviewers said: “Jay's recollection of pool stories exceeds any that I've ever heard. His exactness in recalling events as they actually happened is amazing. There are few as qualified to write about pool action as Jay. He has always been right on the money with everything he has accomplished and this book isn't any different.” -World 9-Ball Champion Billy Incardona.
"I've known Jay since the 60's. Although he loved to compete, he became more respected as a great game maker and money winner who helped out many a pool player when down on their luck". -World All Around Champion Danny Diliberto.
"Jay is the 'go to' man in pool. He is a living historian and a source for all pool info. As an accomplished player himself, he evolved into every aspect of the sport. He has given sage advice to up-and-coming players as well as champions. Jay is a valued member of the pool community who gets a nod and a smile from all who know him". -Pat Fleming, ACCU-Stats Video Productions.

“Road Player” is an inside look at the life of the consummate Road Player - Danny Diliberto. Danny shares his life on the road and all of the fantastic, tragic and most often humorous anecdotes that details the rags to riches rollercoaster journey of life for one of America’s favorite pool players.

You have until midnight June 30 to become eligible for this drawing. All Gold Members are eligible.  To become a Gold Member just go HERE and join!