Jungo Victorious Over Ortmann

Dimitri Jungo (SUI) Foto: LB

Many close results in the previous round

Wednesday, 05 October 2011: Dimitri Jungo (SUI) eliminated Oliver Ortmann (GER) from the Beassy™ 8-Ball World's Top Gun event with 8:5.

As in many other matches of this tournament also, the break shot really made the difference in this match. Ortmann was able to take a 3:1 and 4:2 lead over Jungo but then his break shot left him. He was not able to play one more break shot where a ball was pocketed. Of course, Jungo took his benefits from that. Regarding their play, both players were performing at eye-level. But one cannot win a match in this high level tournament if the break shot always comes up dry. Unfortunately for Ortmann, that is exactly what has happened to him. Jungo performed on a very high level and missed only two balls in the whole match. When the score was 5:5, Jungo ran out of position with the cue ball for the eight. He jacked his cue stick up and played a masse shot to pocket the 8-ball in the called pocket. From then on, Jungo made balls on his break and ran out while Ortmann came up dry and Jungo also ran out. In the end, the 8:5 victory for Jungo was well deserved.

Other notable results from this round include Gabor Solymosi (HUN) winning with 8:7 over Bruno Muratore (ITA). Carlo Dalmatin (CRO) threw Nick van den Berg (NED) out of the event with an 8:7 victory. Raj Hundal (IND) finished Balasz Miko (HUN) also with 8:7.

The round of the last 16 players will be played on Thursday, October 6th, at 09:30 local time.

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