Junior International Championship 2022 Schedule Released

On The Wire Creative Media (OTW) AND The Junior International Championships (JIC), have announced the schedule for the JIC Season 2.

The JIC tour will consist of 8 stops followed by the championship to be played at Pat Fleming’s International Open in Norfolk, Virginia in October 2022.

The first stop of the JIC tour, will be held on Jan. 14-16, 2022 at the Wolfs Den Billiards Roanoke, Va.

Kory Wolford and Trena Wolford will reprise their positions in the running of the tournaments.

The tourney will be livestreamed on OTW’s media channels along with the JIC social channels.


18 and under Men and Women
ENTRY FEE $65.00

Play Dates: January 14-16, 2022
Format: Double Elimination, Race to 7, Finals race to 9
Winner Break, Wood rack

13 and under Men and Women

Play Dates: January 14-16, 2022
Format: Double Elimination, Race to 7, Finals race to 9
Winner Break, Wood Rack

Pro Am Division

18 – 20 Men and Women

ENTRY FEE $125.00

*Participants can only play in any division as long as they meet the age requirements!

Play Dates: January 14-16-, 2022
Format: Double Elimination, Race to 7, Finals race to 9
Winner Break, Wood rack

Mike Littman of Littman lights continues to support the young pool players of today!  Littman lights has been one of the staunchest sponsors of the JIC and pool in general in the USA.  “We at Littman lights are 100% committed to furthering the careers of these young juniors, if we don’t support them, who will?”  Littman Lights wishes all of the players great success at the upcoming 2022 Season 2 Junior International Championships!

JIC Tour Director Ra Hanna also thanked Amsterdam Billiard Supply. “We definitely couldn’t have done this tour without the help of Matt Suite of American Billiard supply.  They supplied the table that was raffled off last year and are preparing to do the same this year. We at the JIC are super proud to have partnered with Matt and look forward to growing together.” said Hanna

“The JIC paid out over 40,000 last year” said Hanna.  “We learned a lot from season 1 and are ready to apply that knowledge to season 2, We run 5 tournaments in 3 days if you think it’s easy you are welcome to try!”

Another staunch supporter of the tour has been Christopher Wilson of The League Room in Parkersburg, West Virginia.  Wilson is responsible for bringing Dynaspheres on board and helping anyway that he can.

Hanna also thanked Team Drpp, Dexter Real, Damian Pongpanik, Jam Up and Mitch Wilson for their support!

“We think that we have hit a sweet spot in helping to foster these juniors pool careers, but they better be ready because Team Europe is waiting.” warned Hanna.

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