Junior Player Takes the Field at Gateway Amateur Stop

Curtis Fronchek

The Gateway Amateur 9-Ball Tour held the 6th Tour Stop at Chesterfield Billiards, in Chesterfield Missouri on March 11, 2006. Even with the Midwest 9-Ball Tour in town the same weekend, 36 players came out to earn their points and possible cash. Among those 36 were 3 Junior players, two of them controlling the tables for the entire tournament.

Jerry Kennedy (ranked #10) and Curtis Fronchek (ranked in top 20), both Junior players have pretty much shared the Junior Payout for most of the Tour Stops; however this time one of them earned it all. Jerry Kennedy started off with a dominating first round with a 5-0 win. His second match caught him off guard and took him to the hill, but was able to snap the nine on the break for the win and moving on in the winner's side. Jerry eventually faced Dwayne Garfoot and lost to him on the hill. Jerry faced Bill Harwell (ranked #3) for his first match in the losers bracket. Jerry was able to regain his focus and take Bill to the hill and run out for the win. Jerry's next match was against Curtis Fronchek.

Curtis Fronchek also faced Dwayne Garfoot on the winner's side, just before Dwayne defeated Jerry Kennedy. Curtis had been playing very well in the tournament and was able to take Dwayne to the hill, but was unable to stop him from running out. Curtis dominated the loser's bracket defeating his opponents 4-2, 4-3, 4-1, 4-3, and 4-3. Only to once again face an eagerly waiting Jerry Kennedy. The two played one of their best matches all tournaments, going to the hill. Curtis was blessed by the pool gods and lucked in the 9 ball for the win and the opportunity to face Jim Painter in the next round. Jim and Curtis took turns sinking the 9, but once again, Curtis was able to earn the win and advance back to the winner's side to try to beat the man that sent him to the losers bracket, Dwayne Garfoot. Curtis has been playing nearly flawless pool throughout the entire tournament, with only a couple assists from the pool gods. Dwayne and Curtis played one safe after another, ran rack after rack in what was probably the most exciting game to watch all tournament. We have a 15 year old that has been playing his heart out, beating some of the top players on the tour, has attending every Gateway Amateur 9-Ball Tour stop and playing the best 9 ball he has every played. After a crucial miss by Dwayne, Curtis was able to play perfect position on the last four balls to earn his first Gateway Amateur 9-Ball Tour coveted plaque.

We've seen many players on our tour improve their game just in a few months. I'm very pleased with the level of players that we have on our tour and continue to do our best to maintain the Tour standards of B and Below ONLY, commented Tour Director Michael Zimmerman.

Prior to the start of today's tournament, Zim's Rack Billiard Promotions signed Curtis Fronchek as a Player Representative. I've seen a huge improvement in Curtis's game, both physical and mental over the last year. I think Curtis has the potential to be a recognized name in our sport in the near future. I want to be able to help Curtis in his quest for greatness in pool, life and school.
~ Michael Zimmerman
Founder/Owner Zim's Rack Billiard Promotions

Results: (including Calcutta)
1st Curtis Fronchek; Belleville, IL $625 + Coveted Tour Plaque
2nd Dwayne Garfoot $370
3rd Jim Painter $200
4th Jerry Kennedy $120
5th/6th Bill Harwell & Andy Totten $40each
7th/8th Cary Heaton & Jim Crosby $20each
Top Junior- Curtis Fronchek $50

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