Kamui Tips “Pub Con” A Great Success

Nina Negros and Rodney Morris

On July 15th at Kahunaville Island Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV, Kamui™ Tips hosted their first annual Pub Con launching their line of “All New” Kamui™ Tips. For a nominal fee, over 100 guests enjoyed a three hour open bar, plated dinner and a swag bag of the new tips and some current product. A great mix of the industry that was represented are those that historically do not run in similar circles such as; cue makers, Kamui™ Tip distributors, retailers, players and pro players including: Mika Immonen, Rodney Morris, Nick Varner, Corey Harper, Danny Diliberto and Shanelle Loraine. Also seen: Mark Griffin and Holly Ryan of CSI, Robert “Cotton” LeBlanc and commentator Jim Wych. Justin Collett of the actionreport.com had a few words to say about the event , "Thanks to John Bertone and Kamui™ Tips for putting on a fantastic event. Gatherings like the one they organized this year at the BCA Expo bring a sense of unity and fellowship to a scattered industry. I for one am very happy to see them take the lead in bringing people together for a good time in order to build relationships and bonds within the industry." 

Kamui™ Tips' North American dealer is John Bertone, owner/operator of KamuiTips.com. John had the vision of promoting the new product line at a Pub Con and the expertise of event planner Elisa Margoni to execute the event. Masato Hiraoka manufactures the tip in Japan and works directly with John to set up distribution channels throughout the United States. “As a player, I wanted to create a tip that gave me consistency in my game”, says Masato. “We wanted to create the right DNA of product, manufacturer, dealer and player to grow together quickly in the billiard industry and make the game more enjoyable. It is great to meet everyone in person and to feel appreciated for creating such a great product”, says Masato regarding the events success. 

The “All New Kamui™ Tips” will not officially release until August 16th. Pre-orders are currently being taken to secure the influx of inventory that will be shipped from Japan. Contact your local cue-maker or distributor for more information or visit www.KamuiTips.com.