Kathy Friend Takes JPNEWT Comet Event

Room Owner Bill haley, Runner-Up Barbara Stock, Winner Kathy Friend, Tour Co-Cordinator Rich Sacco

At JPNEWT's event at Comet Billiards on June 24th and 25th, Kathy Friend arrived literally seconds before the Player's Meeting was to begin. A little frazzled from an incident while traveling to the event, she dropped her first match to Tour newcomer Naomi Fingerhut. After that, she regained her composure and that was the last time Kathy lost a match. Coming from the B-side of the chart, Kathy posted wins over Sherry Pouncey, Carol Clark, Erica Testa, and Supadra Boonpasook before returning on Sunday.

Tour Coordinator Barbara Stock got a bye to settle down after the first round matches went off and had a chance to warm up a little before her first match. Barbara posted wins over Bye, Allison Mosimann, Erica Testa, and a hill-hill battle with the McDermott NEWT POY Morgan Steinman to return on Sunday for the hot seat match.

The Final Four returned on Sunday with Kathy Friend matching up to Morgan Steinman and Barbara Stock playing JPNEWT Tour POY Caroline Pao. There were a few 'firsts' that were going to happen on Sunday. Kathy dispatched Morgan in a 7-3 win. Barbara won her 'first' hot seat in a 7-4 win over Caroline Pao (note to self, winning on Sunday feels pretty good, try to keep this up!). Kathy was playing strong and posted a 7-4 win over Caroline to head for the finals. This was a 'first' time in over a year that two players who have never won a Qualifier matched up in the finals.

Claiming a stake to literary license to skip over the gory details of the finals, Kathy won 9-4 over Barbara. Congrats to Kathy Friend for her 'first' JPNEWT tour win and winning the Qualifier!! Keep up the good shooting!!

JPNEWT thanks Bill and Marcia Haley of Comet Billiards for hosting our second event of the year with them. We also thank Pechauer Cues and Inside Pool for their continued support. JPNEWT's next event is the $1500-added + US Open Qualifier Maryland State 9-Ball Championships at Bill and Billies Cues Port in Arnold, MD.

Complete Results:
1st - Kathy Friend - $450 + Qualifier
2nd - Barbara Stock - $330
3rd - Caroline Pao - $200
4th - Morgan Steinman - $100
5th/6th - Gina Lipsky, Supadra Boonpasook - $70