Katie Cowan wins Paradise Billiards Weekly

Katie Cowan

Paradise Billiards in Charlotte Billiards may not have been open for long, but Tournament Director Ron Park may already be on to something with his weekly "Sunday Break" handicapped tournament.

This tournament has been attended by some of the top players in the Charlotte area, and this week's event was taken down by one of Park's students; Katie Cowan.

Things were not looking good for Cowan early in the event, as she lost to Brian Ballard in her second match of the event.

On the winners side, Eric Lowder and Larry Lowe were the players to bear. Those two fought it out for the hot-seat, which was won by Lowder 7-6.

Coming out of the one loss side, was Cowan with a win over Lowe and then a hill-hill win over Lowder in the extended final match.

Cowan won $240 for first, while Lowder took home $140 for second.

Fans in the Charlotte area who have not visited Paradise Billiards are in for a treat. Sixteen Diamond tables are joined by two Brunwick Gold Crowns in an atmosphere that the true players can really enjoy. When you stop by, make sure to say "hi" to Arthur Rose, the new owner.