KBP Amateur Billiard Tour Season Finale A Hit

Jim Sandaler (left) and Billy Moses (right)

The KBP Amateur Billiard Tour finished up its season with a $2000 added event held at TJ's Billiards in New Port Richey, Florida, on November 22-23, 2008. To start off the event, the end of the year point finishers took home some neat prizes.  Bobby Livrago was recognized as Player of the Year due to his good attitude, support, participation and being the top points leader. Livrago has only been playing on the tour for a couple of years and started off in our eight-ball events stating to tour owner Kay Higgins at the 2007 season finale that he liked eight-ball and just wanted to try nine-ball. He has proven through determination and skills that he deserved the title of KBP Player of the Year.

First place Bobby Livrago, who dominated the points field all season, was awarded a Schon cue worth retail $1000, donated by Ozone Billiards along with a black marbleized billiards plaque and an engraved Zippo lighter with his initials donated by KBP and Tournament Director Tracie Hines.  Second place Van Phan, who was neck and neck with Casey Grove, received a Lucasi LE97 retail at $549 donated by KBP and Cue and Case Sales along with a ten inch trophy with a black marble base and an engraved money clip with his initials, donated by KBP and Tournament Director Tracie Hines.

Third place Casey Grove received a Lucasi LE69 retail of $219.99 and ten inch trophy with a white marble base along with an engraved key chain with the player's initials also donated by KBP and Tournament Director Tracie Hines.  Fourth place Jimmy Hines received a LET retail value $167.99 and a ten inch trophy with a black marble base.  While fifth place went to Mark Wathen and sixth place went to Jason Bowen. These players received Adrilinane cards and heart cue donated by Hampton Ridge Billiards and one the RG86 (Ragecue) donated by KBP Amateur Billiard Tour along with each a six inch trophy.  Both of the cues are valued approximately $100.

Seventh went to Justin Logan and eight place went to Paul LeCain. Each of these players had their pick of billiard training DVDs by The Monk donated by The Monk Billiard Academy along with six inch trophies.

The top lady finisher was Michele Monk and she was awarded a purple and white case and a Blizzard Heart Cue together valued at about $100.

The tournament director who had helped Kay Higgins out by filling in and running the events this season due to a family illness, Tracie Hines, was presented a ten inch Star Resin Shaped Clock intended to make sure she knew how much her time has been valued.

On to the final event of the season – the tour would like to thank TJ's Billiards for having the $2000 added event at his establishment.  The first day was long and had plenty of hard play with thirty-three players and races to seven on both sides.

When all was said and done only the top eight players came back the second day.  Sunday races were to nine and the final race was set for one race to eleven. Billy Moses, Louie Smith, Trey Jankowski and Jose Delrio were the final four in the winners bracket while on the one loss side Jim Sandaler, Joe Scarborough, Mike DeLawder, and Paul LeCain hung tough.

Moses started out the day by sending Smith to the one-loss side with a 9-2 win as Jankowski took DelRio out of the winners bracket by a score of 9-3. While things were shaking up in the winner's bracket, the one-loss side was going quickly too.  The hot-seat match up with Moses and Jankowski was to be a battle that was short lived with Moses beating Jankowski 9-1. This sent Jankowski to the one-loss side to see who would get to come back and face Moses in the final match.

Sandaler and DeLawder were busy getting past Scarborough and LeCain to move into the quarterfinals.  After Delawder left LeCain and Sandaler left Scarborough in seventh/eighth place, they went on to face each other.  Sandaler bested Delawder 9-6 to seal his spot in the semi-finals where he faced Jankowski who had been sent to the one-loss side by Moses.  Jankowski fought hard against Sandaler for a chance to come back but Sandaler managed to keep his head above water and have the balls roll in his favor with a 9-6 win sending him to face Moses for the final one race to eleven.

Billy Moses won the event with a final score of 11-10 over Jim Sandaler.  Moses was behind the entire set but fought his way back to win hill-hill after he scratched on the break. This did not deter Moses from his goal and when Sandaler made a mistake, Moses made an awesome carom bank on the one ball to make the nine in the corner.