Kelly Fisher is the AZB female Player of the Year!

Kelly Fisher

Kelly Fisher has been chosen the AZBilliards female Player of the Year for 2008. Ms. Fisher had a simply stellar 2008, claiming victories at both the WPBA US Open and the WPBA Pacific Coast Classic and runner-up honors at The WPBA Great Lakes Classic and the WPBA Nationals. In fact, Fisher was in the top ten at ALL of the WPBA events for 2008. In addition to the above-mentioned first and second-place finishes she also garnered two fifth-place finishes ( and WPBA San Diego) and a 9th at the Carolina Classic.

Many fans had expected Fisher to earn this honor earlier than she did. When she came over from England in 2005 and became a WPBA pro she came with a lot of credentials. She was six times the World Snooker Champion and seven times the European Snooker Champion. This was the Fisher who was going to unseat the other Fisher, the Queen Allison who had so long dominated the WPBA winners list.

But while Kelly had her shining moments, even winning the West Coast Classic that first year, she fell short of the goals that many had put out for her. The next year she also enjoyed a single WPBA victory lap – again for the San Diego Classic. But 2007 became the year that she really blossomed. That year she won the Great Lakes event, the San Diego Classic (again) had two second-place WPBA finishes and a third. It was evident to all that she had begun to find her gear.

That gear drove her to the top in 2008 and she wears the crown well. In addition to her ‘table job', she is also President of KwikFire Cues and is involved in the future of the game by sponsoring the KwikFire Kids, 13-year old Jonathan Castillo from New Jersey and 10-year old Taylor Reynolds from Maine. Ms. Fisher's outgoing personality and willingness to promote the game led WPBA pro Sarah Rousey to comment: “ She's one of the nicest, most approachable people you could ever meet. She is always willing to share her knowledge with everyone and help anyone out.”  AZBilliards agrees with that assessment and we heartily congratulate Kelly Fisher for being our female Player of the Year for 2009!