Kelly Fisher Wins Women’s VG 9-Ball Championship

Kelly Fisher will face Yuki Hariguchi on Wednesday

What an AMAZING final match of the Poison Cues Women’s VG9 event!

Congratulations to Kelly Fisher for your 6-1, 7-8, 6-3 win over Margaret Fefilova in the finals of the Kamui Brand Playoffs!!

Margaret Fefilova came out struggling only succeeding on 1 of her first 7 racks while Kelly made 6 of her 7 in the first set. Kelly wins the first set 6-1. From there, it looked like more of the same when Margaret failed in her first rack of the second set and Kelly succeeded. From there, Margaret ran 8 straight racks and Kelly missed a straight in 6 ball for the win on the second set when the score was 5-5. Margaret wins the second set 8-7 in sudden death.

In the deciding set, it started off strong for both players in their first rack, but after that, Margaret missed her next 2 racks and Kelly ran a 6 pack for the final win.

Kelly played extremely strong from start to finish and earned the win and the $2,000 first prize for first place!! Margaret had a great tournament as well and earned herself a $1,200 second prize as well as $100 bonus for the most racks ran in the qualifiers.

Next tournament up….. VG Battle of the Sexes!!