Kennedy comes back to upset Strickland

Tommy Kennedy is all smiles after the win

Tommy Kennedy wowed the crowd at the 2003 Glass City Open on Friday night with a comeback upset win over Earl Strickland.

Strickland came out strong and led the match 5-0 and 8-5, but Kennedy clawed back to score a 10-8 win.

Kennedy commented after the match, "When I was down 5-0, I figured that it couldn't get any worse so I may as well just relax and play. I have been playing quite a bit lately and I feel good at the table. In the past, I would have stressed a lot more during a match like this one. I just relaxed and played each ball one at a time and with the good lord's help, I pulled it out." Kennedy will face Corey Deuel on Saturday, while Strickland will face Grady Mathews Friday evening.

Other matches on Friday saw Ronnie Wiseman lose 10-9 to Jeremy Seaman and Eric Durbin lose 10-3 to Adam Smith. Smith will face Danny Basavich on Saturday. Basavich played John Brumback on Friday night and watched Brumback run three racks off the opening lag. Basavich took advantage of a break and came back to win 10 of the next 11 games for a 10-4 win.

Both of the ladies in the field, Alice Rim and Pam Treadway, were eliminated on Friday. The ladies ended up tied for 49th place.

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Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe