Kept out of hot seat by Davis, Jr., Van Boening comes back to win White Diamond Super 9-Ball

Shane Van Boening (File photo courtesy of Dave Thomson -


The reigning and two-time US Open 9-Ball champion, Shane Van Boening tripped on down to bayou country on the first weekend in November to join a field of 128 entrants on-hand for the annual White Diamond Billiards Super 9-Ball Championship. Hosted by White Diamond Billiards in Lafayette, LA, the event drew a strong contingent of Midwest luminaries like James Davis, Jr., Shane Winters, Chip Compton, and Joey Gray. Though Van Boening was tested and defeated in the battle for the hot seat, he returned from the semifinals to double-dip James Davis, Jr. and claim the event title.

To no one's surprise, Van Boening advanced among the winners' side final four, where he met up with Daryl Biggart. Davis, Jr., in the meantime, squared off against George Breedlove. Biggart and Breedlove were sent west, leaving Davis, Jr. and Van Boening battling for the hot seat. Davis, Jr. won that battle and waited for Van Boening to get back.

Over on the loss side, Joey Gray was in the midst of a 10-match winning streak that would eventually pit him against Van Boening. With five down and five to go, Gray defeated Carl McClendon, and Justin Ledford to pick up Biggart. Breedlove drew Shane Winters, who'd gotten by Robb Saez and Chip Compton.

Gray and Winters advanced to the quarterfinals, where Gray chalked up his 10th and final loss-side victory. Van Boening was waiting for him, and ended Gray's streak with a victory in the semifinals.

In a true double elimination format, Van Boening double-dipped Davis, Jr. to claim the White Diamond Billiards Super 9-Ball Championship title.