KF Cue Tour announces new season Schedule and more Added prize money

The Kf Cue Tour is excited to announce the dates for the first 12 events for 2009/2010 season. The tour has been working very hard to pencil in dates and avoid clashing our events with any others on the tournament calendar.

We are very excited to announce that our Amateur players have been rewarded for their support with the prize money being raised to $1000 Added. The Amateur events will now take place on Saturdays and depending on the size of the field we will bring the finals back Sunday morning. All Amateur players will now receive a discounted entry into Sundays Open events which we are hoping will encourage them to participate. All high level Amateur players will be given a 1 or 2 rack handicap which can be adjusted throughout the season for more information contact Tony Crosby at www.kfcuetour.com  

We will kick off the season at Bankshot Billiards in Jacksonville, Florida where we had one the biggest events of the first season with over 130 players competing over the two days. This will be the first of 22 planned events for the season. We are still scheduling events for 2010 so if you or your pool room are interested contact the KF cue Tour for more info.

We would like to thank all our sponsors again for their support and commitment to our 2009/2010 Season.

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