Kiamco goes undefeated to win 3rd Annual Steinway Classic

Warren Kiamco
By the time the 3rd Annual Steinway Classic had worked its way down to its final 12 players, late Sunday afternoon, August 3, some notable competitors from the final 12 of the 2nd Annual Steinway Classic had been eliminated. Gone were Shane Van Boening and Jayson Shaw, who'd battled for the hot seat in 2013. About to be gone, finishing in the tie for 9/12 was Earl Strickland, who'd been sent to the loss side by Shaw in 2013, won three on the loss side (including his rematch against Shaw) and faced the eventual winner, Van Boening, in the finals. Still left among the final 12 at this year's Classic was Warren Kiamco. He'd been eliminated in 2013 by Earl Strickland, who defeated him on both sides of the bracket. This time, Kiamco went wire-to-wire, undefeated through a field of 64. The $7,000-added event was hosted by Steinway Billiards in Astoria (Queens), NY.
Kiamco met up with Shaun Wilkie in the hot seat match. Kiamco had defeated Evgeny Stalev 9-2, Wilkie just did survive a double hill affair against Jorge Rodriguez. Kiamco defeated Wilkie 9-6, and settled in to wait for Dennis Hatch.
Hatch was busy. He took out Mika Immonen 9-7, and then defeated Mike Dechaine 9-3, to draw Stalev. Rodriguez drew Mike Davis, who'd gotten by Tom D'Alfonso and John Morra, both 9-5. Morra had just finished eliminating Strickland 9-3.
Davis and Rodriguez went double hill before Rodriguez advanced. Hatch, in the meantime, handed Stalev his second straight loss, 9-4. Two straight 9-5 wins, over Rodriguez in the quarterfinals and Wilkie in the semifinals put Hatch into the finals against Kiamco.
Kiamco and Hatch battled to within a game of double hill. Tied at 11, Kiamco took two more to claim the event title.