Kim Shaw’s European Pool Championship Diary Day One

Kim Shaw

I won my first match in the straight pool against a german named Diana Stateczny. I played today at 4:00pm, which was the 2nd round because I had a bye in the first round. I think I played well and won 75-21.

I had two nice run outs in the match. I had high runs of 24 and 41 points. After the first rack, I was down 5-8. After the 2nd rack I was still behind 7-20. From the third rack on, I was ahead the whole match. The match was finished in 7 racks and between rack 2 and 7 my opponent only scored one point. I ran 41 and out to finish off the match, so I could have ran more balls if we would have kept on playing.

I am done playing for the rest of the night and I continue play tomorrow morning at 10am. I believe there are 45 players in the Women's 14.1 tourny. It is double elimination until the final 16 and then it becomes a single elimination tourny. I am having a great time, but I was still a bit nervous playing straight pool first thing. It's not a game that I have a lot of experience with. Having a great time and will report back to everyone later.