Kim Spins the Tornado

TULSA, OK - US Open defending champion Ga Young Kim took on USA hopeful Vivian Villarreal, the "Texas Tornado" in the third quarter final match of the day. As ESPN cameras rolled, Kim opened with a two game lead, but Villarreal quickly got back to 2-2. The players tied again at 3-3 and 4-4. Kim broke and ran out to lead 5-4, but a scratch on her next break let Vivian tie it up again 5-5. Kim pulled ahead 6-5 when she pocketed the eight in one corner, simultaneously making the 9 in the other!  

The following rack was a painful one for Vivian, missing an easy 8 ball in the side. Ga Young Kim missed back, but left Vivian tough. After a safety exchange Vivian attempted a tough bank, missed it, and left Kim a shot on the 8. Ga Young pocked the final two balls to win 7-5 and earn her spot in the semi finals. Next up: USA's Monica Webb vs. Jasmin Ouschan; the winner will play Ga Young Kim in tomorrow's semifinal match.     
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