King of the Hill Players Chosen

The International Pool Tour has chosen its player list for the “King of the Hill Invitational” to be played at the Orlando Convention Center in Florida November 30-December 4th, 2005. The event consists of thirteen Hall of Fame members, including Mike Sigel who is the current “King of the Hill,” and 30 other IPT Tour Members, who will compete for $1,000,000 in prize money. 42 Players will compete in the main tournament. The winner of the Round-Robin format tournament will play Mike Sigel for the IPT's top spot, the “King of the Hill,” and a grand prize of $200,000.

More information on the King of the Hill event can be found at:

Player List for “King of the Hill” Invitational
(Last Name, First Name, Country. *denotes Hall of Fame Member)

Archer Johnny USA
Bustamante Francisco Phillippines
*Butera Lou USA
Corr Karen USA
Davenport Kim USA
Deuel Corey USA
*Dodson Robin USA
Feijen Niels Netherlands
Fisher Allison USA
*Hall Buddy USA
Hofstatter Gerda USA
Hohmann Thorsten Germany
Hopkins Allen USA
Hundal Raj UK
Immonen Mika USA
Incardona William USA
*Jones Loree Jon USA
Jones Jeremy USA
*Kelly Ed USA
*Laurance Ewa USA
Manalo Marlon Phillipines
*Martin Ray USA
*Massey Mike USA
Mathews Grady USA
McCready Keith USA
Morris Rodney USA
O'Sullivan Ronnie UK
Owen Gabe USA
Parica Jose Phillipines
Putnam Shawn USA
*Rempe Jim USA
*Reyes Efren Phillipines
Robles Tony USA
San Souci George USA
Schmidt John USA
*Sigel Mike USA
Souquet Ralf Germany
Strickland Earl USA
Thornfeldt Helena USA
Van den Berg Nick Netherlands
*Varner Nick USA
*West Dallas USA
Williams Charlie USA