Kirkwood and Bartrum Tag-Team Colorado

Jason Kirkwood, Chris Onesky, "ATM" Andrew Pettinger, SVB, Chris Bartrum, Chris McDaniel, Greg Way

A Colorado resident has yet to win the Colorado 9-Ball Championship. Last year the great Shane Van Boening took the title from the native hopefuls. This year Jason Kirkwood, from Michigan, and Chris Bartrum displayed their pool superiority, with near flawless play, snagging the one and two spots. The Colorado Cue Club drew 50 players for this 2nd annual tournament and it could not have run more smoothly.

Kirkwood took care of the winner's side with convincing wins over hometown boys Chris McDaniel and Chris Onesky. Bartrum, after losing a hill-hill contest to Onesky went on to book wins over Shane Van Boening, McDaniel, “ATM” Andrew Pettinger and finally Chris Onesky to meet his road partner in the finals. As expected he gave the title to Kirkwood and they hit the road for Vegas.

The Colorado Cue Club and Budweiser extend our thanks to everyone that came out and we hope to see you and a few more next year the weekend just before Vegas!