Have you ever wondered what the word KISS stands for? For many moons, you have probably heard me say keep it simple.

February 19, 2005 marked the fourth stop of the ladies eight ball team tour, which was held at RAXX Brampton. Seven teams arrived to battle it out on the 3 ? x 7 valley coin operated tables. Two new teams K.I.S.S who consisted of Grace Nakamura, Lynne Martin and Maureen O'Doherty from Brampton. Be The Ball who consisted of Kristy De Vries, Grace Costa and Angel Roberts from New Market Ontario. Both teams eager to play against some of Ontario's top female amateur players, were not concerned what so ever. In all fact, they "kiss" ed and took first and second place.

Going into the last round with only two teams receiving the prize fund of four hundred and sixty dollars and the team auction of four hundred dollars, three teams were neck and neck for the prize money. With that being said, K.I.S.S captured the first place prize money and Be the Ball grabbed the second place prize money. The team auction went to Be the Ball taking first place, as K.I.S.S did not buy themselves and Kraft Dinner Deluxe squeaking in to take the second place team auction funds. Congratulations ladies and remember, Kiss.

I would like to Thank Raxx in Brampton for their continuous hospitality and support of the Canadian Women's Pool Tour.

Next event is March 19, 2005 at LeSkratch in Oshawa. Start time is, 12:00pm, Doors open, 11:00am. Entry is $60.00, per team.

All teams need 12 qualifying weeks with the CWPT/ Valley League in order to compete in Las Vegas.

Anyone wishing to purchase a raffle ticket for a beautiful brand new valley home pool table may do so via Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Tickets are $20.00 each or you may purchase one off one of the ladies. Only 400 hundred tickets made. Good luck and Thank you for supporting the Canadian Women's Pool Tour.