Knight and Berber new Poison Winners

Neil Fujiwara and Han Berber

Ultimate Billiards was the host room for the latest $2000 Added Poison tour event.

Mike Fieldhammer was looking very strong in the $1000 added amateur event as he made his way to the hotseat match with some very strong wins over Tom Karalis 7-6, Jeremy Boling 7-5, Prescott Buckwold 7-5 and then Anthony Meglino 7-1 to make his way to the hotseat match where he would face Richard (Turtle) Knight. Knight was also having a great event as he made his way through to the hotseat with wins over Kenny Decure 7-0, Dan Lettau 7-5, Stephen Richmond 7-2 and then a hard fought win over Jim Sandaler to set up the winner's side final with Fieldhammer. This would prove to be an exciting match with Fieldhammer cruising out to a 5-2 lead and 6-3 but Knight was going down easy and leveled the match at 6-6 and just when it looked like he would take the hotseat a miss on the 9 in the side pocket would be enough for Fieldhammer to take the case game. On the one loss side Wesley White was looking Dangerous after taking a 7-6 loss to Anthony Meglino on the winners side White would record strong wins over Allen Auman 5-4, Steve Frost 5-3, Jimmy Sandaler 5-1 a revenge 5-4 win over Meglino to set up a semi Final match with Richard Knight. This would also guarantee another new winner on this season amateur tour. The semi final would be one way traffic with Knight come out a 5-0 winner to set up a final rematch with Fieldhammer. Knight would have to beat Fieldhammer in a 7 and if he could do that it would go to the sudden death 1 rack shoot out. Knight would go onto take the first set 7-4 to set up an exciting 1 rack shootout which he would also go on to win and take down his first ever Poison Tour event along with the $550 1st place prize money.

1st, Richard Knight $550
2nd, Mike Fieldhammer $400
3rd, Wesley White $300
4th, Anthony Meglino $200
5th-6th, Jimmy Sandaler, Stephen Richmond $115
7th-8th, Steve Frost Ed Kiess $75

The Open event would bring out the big guns with the like of Mike Davis, Tommy Kennedy, Neil Fujiwara, Hunter Lombardo and Richard Broumpton to mention a few. Han Berber would prove to be the man to beat on the day as he would record strong wins over Tony Crosby 7-3, Tommy Kennedy 7-5, John Ditoro 7-6 and then another strong 7-4 win over Neil Fujiwara to take the hotseat match. On the one loss side Anthony Meglino was making his way back after taking a 7-4 loss to Richard Broumpton he would go onto record wins over Matt Deweese 6-4, Tony Crosby 6-4, John Ditoro 6-5, Jerry Calderon 6-4 before running into Neil Fujiwara who would stop him in his tracks with a 6-0 win to leave Meglino in 3rd place. This would guarantee another new winner on tour. Berber who had played great pool all day would go onto take the final with a 7-4 win over Fujiwara to take his first event.

The Poison Tour would like to congratulate new winner's Han Berber and Richard Knight and also host room Ultimate Billiards for another great.

Our next event will be at Stroker's II in Tampa on 4th-5th December check out the for more info. Don't forget to check out Poison Cues which are on display at all Tour events

1st Han Berber $570
2nd, Neil Fujiwara $400
3rd, Anthony Meglino $300
4th Jerry Calderon $200
5th-6th, Richard Broumpton, John Ditoro $100
7th-8th Tony Crosby, Tommy Kennedy