Ko Pin-Yi: ‘I think I deserved to win these three world titles’

AZBilliards teamed up once again with Saluc and Simonis, leaders in the market of pool balls and cloth, who crafted a fantastic trophy for both our Players of the Year 2015: Ko Pin-Yi and Ga-Young Kim.

During the 2016 edition of the Derby City Classic we sat down with our Male Player of the Year 2015, Ko Pin-Yi, to talk about last year, his three major wins (WPA World 9-Ball, WPA World 10-Ball, Matchroom’s World Cup of Pool) and the future ahead of him.


We want to thank Adrian Wang for translating our interview and helping us get the words of the world’s best player in english.



AZBilliards: Congratulations from everyone at AZBilliards and from our readers on being named our Player of the Year 2015.

How did you feel at the end of 2015 after all these achievements?

Ko Pin-Yi: First of all, I think it was really incredible for me to win three world titles in a year. I was really surprised but also, I think I had prepared for these events year after year for a really long time. So I’m very happy and proud of this achievement. I think I deserved to win these three world titles.



AZB: How do you prepare for a year? Do you set goals? Do you think about what you want to achieve within a particular year?

Ko Pin-Yi: Before the start of 2015, I didn’t have any world championship title. So my dream was to be the best of all the professional players for once. But now, it’s different. I have three of those titles, which is a bit of a surprise. So…for the future, for 2016, I want to maintain this kind of level and be the AZBilliards Player of the Year again!



AZB: We talked about goals for an entire year. On a smaller scale, what is your typical preparation for a tournament?

Ko Pin-Yi: I don’t have a specific preparation for a tournament. I try to act as normal as possible and not think about what will be happening. I don’t want to be too emotional ahead of a big competition, because I need to be myself during the tournament. It is the best way for me to play better when I need to.



AZB: What about downtime? In between tournaments, what do you do?

Ko Pin-Yi: Between tournaments I always play pool at least two hours a day, practicing. I also play darts, which keeps me relaxed. I go to the gym three to four times a week, for about two hours each time.



AZB: In addition to this, do you prepare mentally?

Ko Pin-Yi: I don’t really have a mental training. When I’m confused or I have questions, I go running. It takes my mind away. If I really need to talk, I go visit my former high school coach and talk to him.



AZB: What type of pool game do you like to play?

Ko Pin-Yi: I think the answer to this question is very obvious. Everybody knows I can break well, I can jump well, and when opportunities come up I will play more offense than defense. The weak part of my game is my defensive shots. I’m a much better offensive player and I enjoy it.



AZB: You’ve worked hard on your game for a long time. Where do you see yourself in the world of professional pool? A legend already?

Ko Pin-Yi: It’s kind of weird to answer this!… If I think about it, what I’ve done in 2015 was legendary. But as far as players, I’m not a legend yet. I’m one of many great players.



AZB: Our last question. Do you think your achievements of 2015 will change things for the future? How do you see 2016 and beyond?

Ko Pin-Yi: For 2016, I want to keep on doing what I’ve been doing last year. Defend my titles. But for the future, I have another dream besides pool. I want to get married, have my own family and buy my own house in Taïwan. This is the next dream for me!




We would like to thank our partners Yves Bilquin, Nicolas Catrix and Ivan Lee with Aramith Ball and Simonis Cloth for their assistance in creating this award.


The trophies were handed during the latest Derby City Classic and WPBA Masters to our 2015 P.O.Y.s.

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