Korea vs Japan – Day 2

Korea continued its dominance of Japan on the final day of the Ultimate Pool Challenge. Japan's Matsufusa first was blanked by Jeong 3-0. Then, Japan was on its last bullet as Korea reached the hill 8-1. Japan's #1, and catain Takenaka saved Japan by defeating Korea's #1 Kim 4-0. This was followed up by Japan winning 3-1 in the 4-on-4 scotch team match. Japan contimued its run with Takenaka and Higaki winning the doubles match over Lim and Park . Then Niwa and Matsufusa faced Jeong and Kim . While Japan had a great chance to take the lead and force the event to go into the last and final evening session , Niwa missed 2 opportunities to combo the 9-ball resulting in Korea winning 3-1. The final score result was 9-4 for the team matches.

The Koreans success at the Seoul Open in March followed up by Korea's domination of Japan's top players proved Korea is well on its way in becoming a powerhouse in the pool world.

The event was played on Brunswick Metro Tables and used Brunswick Centennial Balls. And the event introduced the new Brunswick Centennial Cloth. The official rack was Sardo, the official chalk was Master, and Falcon was the official cues for both teams and the entire event.

All the matches with extensive interviews with all the players which will air in 2 weeks on Korea's #1 network MBCESPN starting a 8 week run of pool programming for Korea vs Japan.

Thanks to all the top sponsors of the event including MBCESPN, Brunswick , and Falcon Cues.