Korean Dragon Launches New Website

Charlie Williams

Korean Dragon fans can now enjoy the newest and latest Charlie Williams news and exploits at www.thekoreandragon.com !

This may be the best player's website yet, if not at least one of the most entertaining. Everyone will enjoy the animated intro with very fitting music that leads into a very professional but cool looking site. TheKoreandragon.com was definitely a long creative adventure that the Dragon Promotions team worked very hard on and collaborated closely with Charlie Williams.

"I'm really happy with the way the site turned out. I had some ideas of how I liked things to be, to make it fun and super cool but user friendly and informative. I thank Matt Necroto of Necroto.com for a fantastic job. The site really does reflect on my personality and i'd like for people to get to know the real me better." commented The Dragon himself

People may also join the Dragon Fan Club where there will be monthly contests and winner each month receiving prizes with a special grand prize at the end of the year including a autographed Predator Cue. People can also purchase special souvenirs and merchandise from Dragon Promotions events such as autographed posters, program books, cues, cases, ball sets, official copies of historic tournament charts, & many more tournament memoribilia.

TheKoreanDragon.com promises to make updates at least every 2 weeks if not every week on all the latest news of Williams and stories in relations to his friends and company Dragon Promotions.