Krah and Rhee Win All the Chips at CMN Benefit Event

Matt Krah and Mike Ricciardella

Matt Krah played solidly and consistently to be the last man standing at the 4th Annual Children's Miracle Network Benefit Event hosted by the Tiger Planet Pool Tour and RE/MAX Pros on Saturday. This fundraising event featured the very exciting new multi-table ring game tournament format played with poker chips. This format proved very successful at the Tiger Planet Pool Regional NUTS Play-offs a month ago also, so it was only apt to try it again.

The format is very similar to a poker tournament. Every player starts with 15 chips, and players ante up one chip each game. There are 5 players per table, and the winner of each game wins all the chips in the pot. When a player is out of chips, they are out of the tournament. Rebuys were allowed for the first three rounds at this event where players who were out of chips could buy another 15 chips to continue. Every round the ante increased, and the grouping and order of play was reshuffled. Rounds lasted 30 minutes each. There is no safety play allowed, so the game is all offense. The format can be gruelling, engaging players continually throughout the tournament because there are no waiting times between matches. Breaks were allowed between each round, but other than that players were always at their table playing or waiting for a turn. The format is exciting for both players and specators.

But the nature of the format does not always favor the top players, as Mike Davis will be able to attest. He was eliminated "on the bubble," going out in 9th place without prize money as he helplessly watched Jim Parker run out. But to prove that the format does not totally undermine the chances of the heavy hitters, Matt Krah kept his cool and capitalized on his opportunities to stay alive until he finally was the last man standing. But it was not without a big scare coming from co-organizer, Mike Ricciardella of RE/MAX Pros. Ricciardella and Krah went head-to-head after tour director, Nick Prinsloo forked out his last chip to be eliminated in third place, and at one stage the two of them were both down to their last ante. Krah ran out to claim victory.

Results & Payouts:

1st - Matt Krah - $550
2nd - Mike Ricciardella - $360
3rd - Nick Prinsloo - $250
4th - Doug Sharp - $150
5th - Jim Parker - $120
6th - Robert Phillips - $75
7th - Dickie Utz - $75
8th - Cisco Cifuentes - $75

In the ladies event, it was Sueyen Rhee who survived the same format. A small field of ladies made up on table throughout the day, and it was 13 year-old Arshia Mahajan who outlasted tour regulars Teresa Savage and Jennifer Dunkin to take second place.

Results & Payouts:

1st - Sueyen Rhee - $190
2nd - Arshia Mahajan - $110

In the kids' event, it was Michael and Nick Ricciardella who shared first place in the round-robin format. Jessica Endara, tour director, Ceci Strain's daughter, finished third.

Overall the event was once again a huge success. Approximately $3,000 was raised in donations going to the Children's Hospital, of which the major contributions came from RE/MAX Pros and KH Funding Company ( Mike Ricciardella presented plaques to the Tiger Planet Pool Tour staff for their support over the years in hosting this event. Planet Pool and RE/MAX Pros would like to thank everybody who participated and donated.

The next Tiger Planet Pool Tour will next be at Bill & Billies CuesPort in Arnold, MD on Nov 19-20 for a $2,500 added 9-Ball event.