Krah Takes Hampton Ridge Stop 11

Matt Krah

The 11th stop of the Hampton Ridge 9-Ball Tour was held in Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ. There was a change of venue due to a miscommunication, so I would love to thank Minnie and Scott Morison and there staff for hosting the event in such a short notice.

Leading the way on the winners side was Carmen Lombardo and Matt Krah. Carmen was in stroke beating Josh Brothers 7-3 to get him in position to battle for the hot seat against Matt Krah who on the other half of the bracket defeated Wilson Cruz 7-2.

On the one loss side Josh Brothers and Rob Hart battled to see who would move on and who would settle for 4th place. It was a great match with Hart taking control of the match and defeating Josh Brothers 7-4.

On the winners side Carmen Lombardo and Matt Krah went at it but a few mistakes from Matt cost him. The match was one sided with Carmen in stroke, there was nothing Matt could do. Carmen defeated Matt easily 7-1.

With Carmen on the hot seat Matt Krah had to go to the one loss side and go up against a tuff player in Rob Hart who just came off a big win. Matt jumped into an early lead and never looked back. Rob gave all he had but came up short losing the match 7-3 and taking 3rd place respectfully.

The finals was a rematch from earlier that day it was Matt Krah Vs Carmen Lobardo. Earlier that day Carmen defeat Matt 7-1. Matt said if he gets to the finals things where going to be different. The match went back and forth after 11 racks the score was Matt 6 and Carmen 5. That was the closest Carmen got, Matt went on to win the next three racks giving him the 9-5 win over Carmen.

1st Matt Krah
2nd Carmen Lambardo
3rd Rob Hart
4th Josh Brothers
5th & 6th Phil Sherman, Wilson Cruz