Kristen Haney wins 2006 AWBT Opener

26 Women came out to play in this WPBA qualifier! Right away the usual suspects made their way to the top of the ranks. For instance, two women playing for the hot-seat were two familiar women to the tour. Susan Williams and Michelle Trevino are both remarkably strong players. Both of them blew through their brackets to meet up with each-other.

The hot-seat match began and Michelle quickly jumped off to a 5 to 0 lead. From there Susan gathered her wits and put together a couple wins making the score 5-2. Then Michelle won the next game which put her on the hill. Susan put together another couple of games to make the score 6 to 4, but couldn't overcome feisty little Michelle as Michelle won the next game and the match by the score of 7 to 4.

While Michelle waited in the hot-seat, another familiar face, Kristin Haney, was making her way up through the ranks as she beat Bernie Store for 4th place and Susan Williams for third place. This left Kristin to meet up with Michelle for the final match. Since this was a true double elimination tournament, Kristin would have to beat Michelle in two races to 7.

The final match started. Michelle won the lag, but Kristin took control and won the first game to get on the board first. Michelle came right back and won the next game. We could tell right from the start this was going to be a good one! Michelle quickly won the next 3 games making the score 4-1. But Kristin wasn't shaken and won the next 5 games which put her on the hill with a 6 to 4 lead. The next game Michelle made a mistake on the 7-ball leaving Kristen with an easy 3 ball out. Kristin capitalized and ran the 3 balls to win the first set!

They gave each other a big hug and lagged for the 2nd time to start the 2nd set. This time Kristin won the lag. She won the game and again got on the board first. In fact she won the first 2 games. Michelle won the next game, but Kristin came right back and won the next making the score 3-1. In the 5th game, Kristin left herself a difficult rail shot on the 7 and missed, leaving Michelle up to the table with a difficult 2 ball out. Michelle looked a little shaken but dug deep, fought hard and won that game and the next which tied up the set 3-3. Kristin won the next game to make the score 4-3. Michelle came right back and won the next one which tied it up again! Kristin won the next two games which put her on the hill with again a 6-4 lead. Just when it looked like Kristin was going to run the last rack, she made a mistake on the 4 ball and left herself an extremely tough bank shot on the 6. We all held our breath as she shot and made it! However, she left herself another difficult shot on the 7. This time the ball didn't fall and left Michelle with the 3 ball out. Michelle came up and also bobbled the 7 ball but left Kristin without a shot. Kristin tried to bank the 7 but missed and left Michelle with a tough but make able shot. Michelle missed and left Kristen with the 7 ball straight in and natural shape on the 8 and 9. Kristin easily made the 3 shots and won the match!

Since Kristin will be unable to attend the Great Lakes Classic Event, Michelle Trevino won the WBPA spot! Congratulations goes out to Michelle for the WPBA spot and 2nd place w/ $200 in prize money! All of us women here in Arizona will be routing for you! Congratulations to Kristin for winning the event this weekend and for $300 in prize money!

It was a great pleasure to watch these two women play. They are both such awesome players and you could tell each women had great respect for the other! I could've sat and just watched them play for days!

Rounding out the top 12 were: Susan Williams (3rd and $150); Bernie Store (4th and $106); Susan Wilbur, (5/6th and $68 each); Anne Gray, Mary Moench (7/8th and $42 each); and Teresa Eibner, Jeri Engh, Natalie Hostler, Vicki Mineo (9-12 and $21 each).

11 ladies came back on Sunday to play in the 2nd Chance Event. Congratulations to Jeri Engh for 2nd place and $35 and congratulations to Donna for 1st place and $65!!

The AWBT was also proud to hold a raffle for a Teague Custom Cue valued at $450! The winner was AWBT faithful follower Bob Adams! Bob buys raffle tickets at every single tournament and all his donations and purchases finally paid off and he finally won a cue! YAY Bob! Congratulations! We know you'll have many years with this beautiful cue!

We'd like to send a BIG HUGE thank you to Sixshooters on 35th Avenue and Peoria! We've said it many times before, but this facility is absolutely awesome! They have tons of tables, tons of room and fun and wonderful food and service! Thank you JR, Bobby and all the staff for making this a fabulous weekend!

We hope to see you all at the next event which will be a scotch doubles fundraiser at Time Out Lounge on February 18 and 19th! For more information about this next event - contact Dawn Anderson at (480) 272-2016!