Kuckherm Through to Quarter-Finals

Lars Kuckherm (GER) Foto: EPBF/DK

Pavlukhin, Kudlik and Varga also among the top eight

Friday, 02 September 2011: In an intense match, Lars Kuckherm (GER) defeated David Maslov (RUS) with 11:7 and secured himself a spot in the quarter-finals of the boys division.

It was the clash of two reigning European Champions: Kuckherm, European Champion in 8-ball in the juniors division against David Maslov, European Champion in 9-ball and straight pool in the pupils division. That was an encounter of two heavyweights. The match was performed on a very high level by both players. Maslov, though younger than Kuckherm, was the first player to achieve a 2-rack lead at 5:3 over Kuckherm. But that lead did not last long. Kuckherm tied the match at 5:5. In the 11th rack, Kuckherm was a bit unlucky. He made three balls off the break and played a push-out which Maslov used to come up with a safety shot. Kuckherm took his jump stick out and pocketed the 2-ball, only to fall snookered behind the 7-ball, not able to see the 3-ball which was the ball on. He played a safety shot but left it in the open for Maslov. The Russian kid ran the rack and took a 6:5 lead again. From then on, things went Kuckherm's way. He never made another mistake in the next five racks and went on the hill, taking a 10:6 lead over Maslov who was obviously shocked about Kuckherm's precise play. In the 17th rack, Kuckherm scratched on the break and Maslov was able to get one more point into his account. After that, Kuckherm finished the match, termination David Maslov with 11:7. Kuckherm has secured a spot in the quarter-finals while Maslov needs another win in order to join Kuckherm.

Other notable results include Marek Kudlik (POL) just outscoring his fellow countryman Konrad Piekarski with 11:10. Russian sharpshooter Vitaly Pavlukhin extinguished the fires of Radostin Dimov (BUL), winning with 11:5. With the same result, Bence Varga (HUN) creamed Joshua Filler (GER). All four winner will play in the quarter-finals while the losers get another chance in the round of hopes.

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