Kuo and Bustamante in Finals of World Pool Championship

The finals of the World Pool Championships in Doha, Qatar, will be contested between Francisco Bustamante and Kuo Po-cheng. Bustamante destroyed Antonio Lining 11-5 to get to the hot seat first while Johnny Archer and Kuo played a real nail-biter from which Kuo emerged victorious with the narrowest possible margin 11-10.

Kuo finshed second in this event to Wu Chia -Ching in 2005 and has also made it to the quarter-finals before as well. So "the little monster" is prepared for this battle.

The last time that Bustamante stood in the final arena was in 2002 in Cardiff, Wales, against Earl Strickland. Bustamante was the bookmaker favorite to win that championship until he found out only a few hours before he had to play that his young daughter had taken ill and died. A devastated Bustamante bravely took the stage and played but never really threatened the victory and instead had to settle for a heartbreaking second place.